herd dynamics

grounded in Gustave Le Bon and Edward Burnays’ writings

three tendencies of inter-herd relations

… to perceive a herd (A; “public”) as influenced by another herd (B; “semi-public”)

… to ascribe a share of voice (f(A); “public opinion”) in the activity of another herd (f(B’); “semi-public activity”) [ co-valent bonding ]

… to exert share of voice in matters of intra-herd influence [ co-valent lepton intermingling ]

[valences of a herd]
stages of herd progression

stereotype enmeshment & genesis

“sacrifice freedom… in order to stay in a herd”

intra-generate destination stereotypes [ which biases away from liberty in destinations ]

destination dynamics: multi-dimensional state distributions created in prime distributions

stereotype crystallization & maintenance

“sacrifice of freedom… leads to an unwillingness to change”

intra-generate journey stereotypes [ which biases away from liberty in journeys ]

journey dynamics: multi-dimensional, multi-valent polymorphic state transformations operating in prime configurations

stereotype attribution & enforcement

“because all sacrificed… reasons are developed to insist on sacrifice”

enforce fit to inversely extra-generate destination stereotypes and journey stereotypes [ which enforces the reduction of liberty ]

[ redacted ]

stereotype amplification & production

“group association… satisfaction of vanity, creation of enlarged self importance”

proselytize to maintain inverse extra-generation of destination stereotypes and journey stereotypes [ which maintains the herd’s cohort attrition and growth rates ]

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