The rules beyond the foyer…

… amongst free lands.

“If we see you in Greenlake… I know you…. I know you” (Unknown, November 19th, Personal Communication [it’s how the audience looks it up])”

So, this is a recollection from an experience, where the mind meats [glaciers] [[dimension]] [[[changing punctuation [change = superposition, exactly superposition]]]] [chalkboard] [public]

[[[[sorting table]]]]


[[more efficient this way]]


dialogue, dialogue, dialogue

and, then the Turing tape pauses between bit[ness][[superposition][al-[resonance]]]] probability plink[s]-1-operation. [[circum]-sensory [[irrigation]]] [[[valent-irritation]]] [[[[<lithi|sedi>mentation>]]]] {-?}] [tilt-mirror]}

[knowledge is grafted]

[knowledge must have discriminative behavior-antecedent correlations to the knowledge topological orientate

[[[[[[[willingness of effort to retrieve, return, to utilize information…. return value qoutioent [it’s the cleaning [is information [to [<X|Y>[where ]or]] more valuable] stove function] ]]]]]]]]]

strange function


[behavior modification [it’s [ne[[it|is> exactly][le]ss[proto-[supr[jha[|ssa ]na]essor]cognition]] brilliant]]