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Falling is Not Graceful

Falling is not graceful,
landing is graceful.

To go from falling,
to landing is courage.

The role of nage is
to create the conditions
of The Fall.

And what is the fall,
but from grace,
but from priveledge,
standing tall,
as “human race”.

Yet this skill is rare,
it is as the golden sun,
as the full moon round,
it comes and goes,
nearly scheduled,
yet just a bit off,
sideways, bits
on, bits off,
bits on,
the switch.
And the thing is,
it’s not just one switch,
it’s limitless switches, it would
be a mistake to say it’s all switches,
for “all” is a landing rather than a fall, all
is safety from that which it truly is, and what it
is, is beyond “all”, for it is truly limitless, beyond,
far beyond, utterly far beyond, so what
does a practitioner do? simply
drop the -er, leaving
what is a practicion?

oh now that!

is worthy of

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Terminal Session IX


exhibit a: that's nice... exhibit b: [[[[[<ti|lt>]<;|)>]]][[]][]order of operations] bey|^1on>d <volume|^2point>

scientist looks


beyond conception

conception is a lagging indicator

shadow in lagging indicator is like four dimension tesseract in two dimension plane

don't forget color.

shape of color might be different than shape of intensity

see directly.

[shape of "don't"]

what is this "don't" shape?


limitless action... limitless reaction... probability density correlated to ... yes... kamma...vipaka chains

taking for self... lensing...

monkey paw in pitch

frictional losses

sparks fly


shadow... light... concepts fly

the wind blows.....

flap flap

phat phat

human realm function

beyond human realm name

human realm is placeholder streetsign

what is human realm, true human realm... dependent origination perspective |^1><|^2>... sliding tile puzzle

what is best move?

full stop.


and seeing limitless, the mind even with the lightest obstacle of self|other... of permanence view.... sees limitless as "all", and thinking of "all" still remnant with limitless perspective... recollects "<creat[e]|or>"... sealing an all as the all....

this is evolutionary linguistic psychology

natural progression

sangha is not we

limitless buddhas [will]realize[d].

is exactly emptiness.... and what is the dark <crystal|matter> shard.... [redacted]

exactly [redacted]

sangha is not we

sangha are these seven path factors

mindfulness is exactly sangha

investigation is exactly sangha

effort is exactly sangha

sympathetic joy is exactly sangha

braking is exactly sangha

absorption is exactly sangha

remainderless is exactly sangha

remainderless is a factoring function

this is sangha

not self

as <self|other> this is tantra

this is empty



the assembly impure is an assembly taking sangha for we

limitless benefit... limitless beings...


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[ Metabolism is proportional to demand. ]

[[[[[[[[[[[ The leader – ship… always go forward…… ]]]]]]]]]]]
[[[[[[[[[[ Memory density management function….. ]]]]]]]]]]
[[[[[[[[[ Yep…… it’s a lot like that…. mind the gap…… ]]]]]]]]]
[[[[[[[[ Proportional to tail-catch density distribution ]]]]]]]]
[[[[[[[ Inversion ]]]]]]]]
[[[[[[ Social Diode ]]]]]]
[[[[[ The buckled gets the rear glass ]]]]]
[[[[ Seatbelt Inversion ]]]]
[[[ Debt Reset Event ]]]
[[ Full Stop ]]
[ Stop. ]


More strong,
More consumption.

Debt payoff is social-metabolism function.
More muscle, more metabolism.
More metabolism,
More consumption.

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Born on Land Demarcated as Connecticut

I was born in a place I do not remember, New London, Connecticut.
That had been a labor town, yet also surrounded by old wealth.
The shipyards there, my father worked at, General Dynamics.
He had acquired a job there after the navy, working sonar.
And one story I recall is my father, had rushed mother,
carrying a new two liter Coke bottle, he ran up the
stairs, he then burst open the door, shouting,
“look at this,” he then thrust the bottle
to the floor expecting it to resist
just as it had done before
yet this time, it
Soda everywhere!
Sticky sugary soda everywhere!
It’s interesting, because my mother said,
after this, she was interested in going out with him, that
she had been uninterested prior. It’s interesting how the cosmic plinko machine
sorts marbles, and I being yet one of the indistinquishable
marbles, came from these very acts, a coke bottle
smashed upon the floor. My memory is
a bit faded now, and perhaps
also my mother, but
it was a good