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gt; concept as meaning


“Therefore, let every disciple take good heed not to become attached to words as being in perfect conformity with meaning, because Truth is not in the letters. When a man with his finger-tip points to something to somebody, the finger-tip may be mistaken for the thing pointed at; in the like manner the ignorant and simple-minded, like children, are unable even to the day of their death to abandon the idea that the finger-tip of words there is meaning itself. They cannot realize Ultimate Reality because of their intent, clinging to words, which were intended to be no more than a pointing finger. Words and their discrimination bind one to the dreary round of rebirths into the world of birth-and-death; meaning stands alone and is a guide to Nirvana. Meaning is attained by much learning, and much learning is attained by becoming conversant with the meaning and not with words; therefore, let seekers for truth reverently approach those who are wise and avoid the sticklers for particular words.”

Lankavatara Sutta, Chapter 6


In Grounded Theory (“GT”),
“Concept” is an interchangeable indicator for


the bored professor performs,
avoid the descriptive,
sticklers for

GT Memoing Goals and Rules

“The growth that occurs (or is forced) with memoing is remarkable. The analyst literally grows personally in tandem1 with the depth of his2 theoretical understanding of the data3.” – Glaser

Memo Goals & Goal Rules

from Theoretical Sensitivity (Glaser, Page 83)

  • theoretically Develop Ideas (codes)
  • with Complete Freedom
  • into a Memo Fund
  • that is Highly Sortable
    • title/caption the category/property memo is about
    • highlight/underline other categories/properties
    • two or more category memos may include a discussion of how categories/properties are related and categorized (hypothesis)
    • copy memos for cut up
    • write for cut up
    • sort memos wherever they may fall

Other Rules

  • memos and data are separated
  • always interrupt coding or recording to memo; memo a placeholder if necessary
  • can force a memo by writing on code; force as little as possible
  • modify memos as growth and realization occur
  • keep a list of emergent codes handy
  • collapse duplicating codes
  • conceptual not logical; note data (grounded) vs. conjecture driven
  • run memos open long (so long as resources are available)
  • talk conceptually about substantive codes, not people (etc.)
  • multiple “burning” ideas should be written separately (for sortability)
  • indicate saturation in memos when a category is saturated
  • always be flexible in memo technique (no style)

1 Tandem can be substituted with “in proportion to”.
2 Him is an interchangable indicator for all intelligent referents.
3 Data is an interchangable indicator for phenomena; .

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[ we are wormholes ]
this really is about halting the thrust of the advancing spear[s].

you have two[n] spears to manage.
“there is a good wolf, and a bad wolf…”
you swallow time and regurgitate space
this swallowing requires energy.
that energy is metabolized.
be careful. very careful.
do you see it?
no greed.
told you.

that’s what this is about.
it’s not like i didn’t tell you before.
yes, it sort of is fucked up,
isn’t it? calls to action.
embedded here.

don’t be greedy.
be kind to your

where will
you aim

drop the ball.
which, ball?
yes, this one.
drop it. see?

that’s pretty cool isn’t it?
fit the wording in the space.
and this is how now techniques are born,
play and discipline modulated by challenge and skill.
which mountains are you about to climb? oh, why not go straight to the top?
know your limits friends, these steep mountains require the strongest of hands, and these hands don’t use their strength. do not crack the whip. from here, we move onto the heavenly bridge[s]. the silk spools off the shuttle through the warp. never coming back [through the warp, ] the same way it came. this is takemusu aiki. you’ve changed places, with samsara itself. the other side,
arrived at, unbound, not
even here.
this steep

stay close
to the


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branching, ai

not one two,

there it is.

i don’t need to,
say that anymore.

speech is sufficient,
[ struck ] not necessary.


no bias with but.

the block[,]
to branching.

two hands walking,
union and splitting.

do you still deny cause and effect?

the way of light.

do you still deny cause and effect?

buddha twirls the flower.
vajrasattvas hold secrets.
diamond mind.

primes and private keys.
irrational primes.
irrational waves.

unbundling. splitting.
cut and stick.
no conception.

leave no trace.
leaving a trace.

walk free hands,
walk free.

not even this.

the faith, of a mustard seed.

the smallest perceived measure at the time.
the instrument can not be measured.

measurement is quantized in primes, basis for number systems.

we are the kings that walk,

it’s the light.

homage to o’sensei!
homage to sensei!

do not use your strength.
move from the wisdom of emptiness.

the mandala.
happo giri.

great joy.