Horney Psychology

AnxietyMoving AwayFlow
Restrict & NarrowFlowMoving Away
ExploitationPerceived Disappointment & RidiculeFlowPerceived Vulnerability
Moving AgainstPerceived Being Cheated and ExploitedFlowPerceived Flaws & LimitationsSelf-Sufficient & Independent
Power &
FlowPerceived MediocrityPerfected & Unassailable
Partner &
Controlled Life
Perceived Weakness & InsignificanceFlowPerceived Lack of VirtuePersonal Achievement
Perceived Loneliness & InadequacyFlowPerceived Loss of StatusPersonal Admiration
FlowPerceived Loss of AttentionRecognized PrestigeMoving Against
Moving TowardFlowAffection & Approval
ApathyMoving TowardBoredom