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  • Instructor, Be Prepared

    Instructor, Be Prepared

    Note: There is multivalent linguistics (MVL) markup in this article. For a primer, please consult documentation. If, during instructing, it is perceived that a student is open, be prepared—be absolutely prepared to accept that a student shall be free to match the speed, momentum, creative flow, and social stature (i.e., one’s role and status), as […]


  • And Like… [Redacted]

    And like everything valuation games touch, the fidelity of life is subject to compression artifacts lossy compression squeezing the life out of each of us for what, exactly? [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]

  • Manji is Know Known as Kiba

    hello manji chores in the music room, and dining area are done 🙂 manji <a|e>fluency manji music room is also the fire room for the woodstove is there manji makes heat during cold winter meditation manji house shut off manji there really is no solution more optimal for ecological sustainability manji no… extreme view manji. […]

  • Stopping, Going, Grinding, and Cracking

    Stopping, Going, Grinding, and Cracking


  • Micro- waves!

    Micro- waves!

    it beeps… it moves… what’s this?

  • Swept Across the Veranda

    Swept Across the Veranda

    Three poems written at the passing of Nonin Chowaney.

  • Falling is Not Graceful

    Falling is Not Graceful

    it would be a mistake to say it’s all switches…

  • 食事


    A poem composed on Yoshi Shibata’s birthday.

  • Terminal Session IX

    Terminal Session IX

    the assembly impure is an assembly taking sangha for we…