Six Pairs of Beautiful Cetasikas

Tranquility of cetasikas
Tranquility of citta

Solves enduring view.

Opponent of restlessness and distraction.

Lightness of cetasikas
Lightness of citta

Solves heaviness of fourfold conjecture.

Opponent of sloth and torpor.

Pliancy of cetasikas
Pliancy of citta

Solves rigidity.

Opponent of opinionatedness and conceit.

Wieldiness of cetasikas
Wieldiness of citta

Solves unwieldiness.

Opponent of craving and aversion.

Proficiency of cetasikas
Proficiency of citta

Solves mental illness.

Opponent of diffidence.

Uprightness of cetasikas
Uprightness of citta

Solves crookedness.

Opponent of deceptive craftiness.