September Poems

=== September 20, 2006 ===

sipping tea
under the moon
just taste.

in quiet silence
the cup now empty
just warmth.

without remainder
warmth remains

=== September 19, 2006 ===

Trolls today,
masters tomorrow –
good seeds well sown
fruit on the morrow.

=== September 18, 2006 ===

Alot of spit in the mouth
in this chilly room;
reading about mediation.


Without thoughts,
how still things
actually are.

=== September 17, 2006 ===

“Ancient Understanding”

If you are so sure it’s not anyone else’s,
why are you so sure it’s yours?

If nobody owns this land,
what makes you so sure that you do?

=== September 16, 2006 ===

When touching cotton –

not predicting…
  to protect
it does not move away

not lagging…
  to resist
it does not move near.

Just complying –
this is the true way
of receiving.

=== September 9, 2006 ===

when all those sorry’s are forgotten.
when all those sorry’s were not good enough.

now today you say you say ‘you never apologize’.
now today you say ‘you always have to be right’.

‘you are good at everything you do’
this just simply isn’t true.
because i suck at making you so too.

i have apologized many times,
and gestured time and time again;
i’m sorry these were never good enough for you.

and here is another,
a small gesture
from my heart so true.

i do truly love you too.

sometimes a simple apology or gesture is overlooked, but when these are overlooked often and obscured by gross distress and craving for more than what is presented… it results in tremendous suffering.

foretold by leaves upon sidewalk bricks
autumn comes in the evening air
three men sit in shadowed steps.

=== September 8, 2006 ===

It’s not how you got here,
   but how ‘you’ got here.
Knowing this,
   how did this get here?