sharing with dhammadhasi bhante

The root of the word Samsara means to “flow together with”, aversion means to flow against, attachment is to be stuck within, greed is hunger to flow to somewhere else in the flow. All is aflame, flowing…

And what is that other shore? Thus having gone?

Stop. Going beyond Samsara, having renounced samsara, thus having <come|gone>. Stopping the wheel of dependent origination like a wheel with a staff thrown between the spokes. And having meditated upon the breath, the mind was stilled, and having stilled the mind, words were stilled, and having stilled words, actions were stilled. And having stilled actions, intentions ceased, and having stilled intention, kamma ceased, and having ceased kamma, latent results remained, and having stilled mentality, aversion and attachment did not arise, and having no longer arisen, rapture arose, and having not taken this too as self, nor the awareness as self, nor the feeling, nor the applied concentration, nor the sustained as self concentration as self, bliss remained, and having not taken this as self as before, further bliss, and having not taken this too as self, tranquility remained… and having arrived at this remainder, realizing that this is not mine, realizing that it is not self, awareness of limitless space, and realizing that this awareness is not self, emptiness, and non-conception, and neither conception nor non-conception.

Having stilled, having uprooted ignorance, the remainder is shared mind to mind. For this is the law, and it is the dhamma.

There IS the truth of suffering, there is suffering, there is enduring pain as well as happiness, there is enduring happiness, as well as neutrality…

Having come to stillness, to tranquility, phenomena and its causes and conditions came to be known, seen for what it really is. Having seen the fruits of kamma, having seen the drying up of intention, nekamma, having seen these causes… Knowledge arose…

Having seen this knowledge, firm faith arose…

Having seen this, without any conviction, beyond convictions, beyond conception, directly seeing… cause, condition, and effect…

The knowledge of cessation arose, having dwelled in nibbana…

The path is seen, and it is right view that is the forerunner, for right view is beyond extreme, it is beyond eternal, it is beyond nothing, it is beyond all four conjectures of eternal, nothing, eternal and nothing, neither eternal nor nothing.

And having renounced these convictions, having renounced oneness View, having renounced allness View, having renounced…

This renunciation asceticism is not self.

And the path consciousness arose, as a gem, as a diamond, reflected in the cool water, buried in the mud of samsara, “this is too not self”, the Noble Search… the path seen with clarity, not abandoned, nor mistaken, the fourth truth…

Guaranteed by the hand of buddha, the guru, the lineage is true… and having taken refuge in the banner of the dhamma, the lion, Buddha, “having taken” is not self, the Dhamma is law, and knowing the law, one abides with the Sangha.

This is the dhamma, and this is the law.

And in having seen the truth of the eightfold path, and the four truths, and the powers, and having developed bhumi, and having stilled the mind under great withdrawal… having made the bodhisattva vow…

The wheel is turned once more.

Gone… gone… gone beyond… gone utterly beyond…

All is brought to the path.

Here… and now.

Firmly touching the earth,

as witness, far beyond the three realms,

beyond past, beyond present, beyond future…

Victory Assured…

Bodhi Svaha!

This too… is not self.

And now having seen,

this too… is not we.

Having gone beyond valence,

Having gone beyond superposition,

Having gone way beyond world lines,

Having gone utterly beyond world cones…

The storehouse consciousness, momenta, inertia, fields, manifolds, and dimension.

Operators are not self.

There truly is a path to the cessation of enduring, and it is not by conviction.

Conviction is not self.

Karma Semten Chophel

For those with a little dust…

in their eyes…










For the benefit of all beings.

Unceasing Evergrowing Meditation

Like smoke floating in the breeze…

moonlight glimmers upon

latent ash…




for the benefit of all beings…

… … … … .. .