A Dispensation

A chat log highlighting a discussion between manji and vinay from Undernet’s IRC #buddhism channel and integrated with various networks through the gem3 relay.

01:17 gem3 [efn] <v4th0r> listens to Aurora Borealis by Aryeh Frankfurter and Lisa Lynne

01:18 manji: oh the devas

01:18 manji: so sweet the song

01:18 manji: and melody

01:18 manji: rhythm

01:19 manji: oh the doorway effect of its sweeping measures

01:19 manji: lay to rest these cognitive treasures

01:19 manji: set aside, driven asunder

01:19 manji: these powers of life

01:19 manji: and death driven

01:20 manji: under.

01:20 manji: the cheap rhyme.

01:20 manji: runneth forth

01:20 manji: yet.

01:20 manji: beyond

01:20 manji: beyond….

01:20 manji: so utterly far beyond

01:21 manji: the song now pines

01:21 manji: the ref… rains

01:21 manji: “stay…”

01:21 manji: “stay…”

01:21 manji: “stay…”

01:22 manji: and though adorned in the garments despised

01:22 manji: the renunciate goes on

01:24 manji: the heart can do it.

01:25 manji: beyond rigid forms

01:25 manji: its beats are freed

01:25 manji: from sinusoidal rhythm 

01:25 manji: the breath liberated

01:25 manji: as free as the sky

01:26 manji: this is the benefit of running the jhanas

01:26 manji: discovered by each successive awakening

01:26 manji: beyond form

01:26 manji: beyond formless

01:26 manji: beyond the beautiful black

01:26 manji: beyond even that.

01:27 manji: particle befriends the wave

01:27 manji: the secrets of each plane revealed ever more

01:28 manji: as gifts offered before these paws

01:29 manji: do not say my name.

01:29 manji: that will come, in time.

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02:15 manji: a monster in paradice

02:16 manji: the tusita planes

02:16 manji: :3

02:19 manji: unde

02:21 manji: <rnet|niable. this was the tree i ,medritawte4dr bunder bftor5 b

02:38 manji: the iron wood [function of wood] tree.

02:38 manji: friends of awakening

02:39 manji: the s<a|o>l<ve|ut<ion|ative mechanics>

02:40 manji: when beings live… for how many years?

02:40 manji: done.

02:40 manji: the task accomplished.

02:40 manji: nothing further needs to be done this life

02:40 manji: the rest?

02:41 manji: this is where [[the function of] [REDACTED]] remains

02:41 manji: oh don’t look so sad

02:41 manji: this is bu.

02:41 manji: stop spear

02:47 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> hola

02:47 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> what u talking manji ?

02:48 manji: the function of manji

02:48 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> are you human ?

02:49 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> i’m interested in it

02:49 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> you know your soul ?

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02:49 manji: then get over here.

02:49 manji: stop the tease.

02:49 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> ok i’ll read it

02:49 manji: stop.

02:50 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> done reading half of it

02:51 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> beings live for more than 200 years

02:51 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> you didnt know that ?

02:51 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> i dont believe you have finished all your tasks

02:52 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> why you think you’ve completed all your tasks ?

03:02 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> mannji ??????????????????????????????????????????????

03:02 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> anyone wanna chat ??

03:03 manji: sleeping

03:03 manji: it’s what connects limitless beings to the beautiful black

03:04 manji: the place dreams are made

03:05 gem3: [efn] <vinay> Right mindfulness builds on right effort, because its easier to keep, and remember, the pathways we have already created in the mind than to build new ones. Old ideas linger, like a stink, esp. the unskillful ones we received as children from parents, teachers and friends.

03:05 gem3: [efn] <v4th0r> Sleep?  No, thanks, that’s what I do on Tuesdays.

03:05 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> ok g00d n1ght

03:05 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> vinay how complex would you say buddhism is ? from 0 to 10 ?

03:07 gem3: [efn] <vinay> difficult question.

03:07 gem3: [efn] <vinay> of any religion?

03:07 gem3: [efn] <vinay> there are difficult parts and easier parts.

03:07 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> i dont mean compared to other religions

03:07 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> i mean just in your human view

03:08 gem3: [efn] <vinay> not-self is for stream enterers I thinkj that a pretty basic level compared to a fully enlightened Buddha.

03:08 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> you have the power of determining, so determine it (guess it) and answer 😀

03:09 manji: lol

03:09 gem3: [efn] <vinay> idk

03:09 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> i’d say like 8,5 if i were to guess it based on all i’ve seen you guys here talk about it

03:09 gem3: [efn] <vinay> how can I comment on what I don’t know yet?

03:09 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> and thats very complex

03:10 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> by guessing

03:10 manji: craving for the remainder of wisdom compression

03:10 manji: it’s a dark time producing process

03:10 manji: right view is the forerunner

03:10 gem3: [efn] <vinay> there are levels even for children 😉

03:11 gem3: [efn] <vinay> its good to keep skilfulness and virtue in mind, for sure.

03:11 gem3: [efn] <vinay> _/\_

03:11 gem3: [efn] <vinay> yes views creat the foundation of our being,wheather we are liberal or conservative etc…

03:12 manji: no.

03:12 manji: right view is the view of the remainderless

03:12 gem3: [efn] <vinay> mindfulness by definition.

03:12 manji: nibanna

03:12 gem3: [efn] <vinay> if midfulness was meditation than there would only be a noble 7fold path.

03:12 manji: what’s left is love and compassion

03:13 manji: equanimity and sympathetic joy

03:13 manji: and the bhumis 

03:13 manji: and brahma viharas

03:13 manji: in countless spheres i have walked

03:13 manji: and this i is just empty

03:13 manji: it’s just friendship

03:14 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> you guys think success in this life needs to be complex ?

03:14 manji: between these factors

03:14 manji: beyond innovation

03:14 manji: beyond ritual

03:14 manji: beyond retreat

03:14 manji: beyond compliance

03:15 manji: beyond rebellion

03:15 manji: the way had been lost

03:15 manji: and rediscovered

03:15 manji: buddhas are masters of encryption

03:16 manji: there are secrets buddha to buddha

03:16 manji: not even the sangha can crack

03:16 manji: “for how can this be?”

03:17 gem3: [efn] <vinay> keeping the brahma viharas in mind is keeping the mind in a good place _/\_

03:17 manji: these friends of the way

03:17 gem3: [efn] <vinay> stmLove what is sucess, was the Buddha a sucess?

03:18 gem3: [efn] <vinay> manji why hide stuff that could do others good?

03:18 gem3: [efn] <vinay> like leading a horse to water and not letting it drink 🙁

03:18 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> good question vinay

03:19 manji: then tell them my true name

03:19 gem3: [efn] <vinay> you don’t have a true name 😉

03:19 gem3: [efn] <vinay> names are fabricated.

03:20 manji: my name is

03:20 manji is now known as friend_

03:20 friend_: masters of encryption

03:20 gem3: [efn] <vinay> even ther All is not-self, ther way I see it.

03:20 friend_: yes.

03:20 friend_: not self

03:20 gem3: [efn] <vinay> the whole of everything is impermanent. after all.

03:20 friend_: do not weaponize emptiness

03:21 friend_: friends act

03:21 friend_: chop wood

03:21 gem3: [efn] <vinay> and don’t make it “mine”  🙂

03:21 friend_: carry water

03:21 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> vinay, vast amount of wisdom, information, techniques and such can be dangerous if the person is not ready to know it. thats one big reason why secrets are kept

03:21 friend_: not mine

03:21 friend_: not other

03:22 friend_: and what is the etymology of the word friend?

03:22 gem3: [efn] <vinay> who has the right to deside? That’s why secrets leak out?

03:22 friend_ is now known as love_

03:22 love_: 🙂

03:22 love_: don’t tease

03:23 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> i have the right to decide

03:23 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> which is why i dont share much stuff

03:23 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> you also have the right to decide it

03:23 love_: stmlove and it is wonderful

03:23 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> not for others though, but for yourself

03:23 gem3: [efn] <vinay> the inner journey 🙂

03:23 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> hi love_

03:24 love_: the wonderful thing about Kruglanski (1975) is that he provided a way for language communities and communities of practice in linguistic frames to …

03:24 love_: and that… is already in process

03:24 love_: 🙂

03:24 love_: it will be close

03:24 love_: but it always is

03:24 love_: such is samsara

03:25 love_: and liberation

03:25 love_: right off the edge of the knife

03:25 love_: nourishment

03:25 love_: given by love to another

03:25 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> what is success in this life ? i’d say that one’s health is very much a measure of success in this life

03:25 love_: to preserve life

03:25 love_: success?

03:26 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> also how much one enjoyes, how good one’s state is and one’s financial situation

03:27 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> you guys aggree ?

03:27 gem3: [efn] <vinay> the end of Dukkha, as taught by the Buddha 🙂

03:27 gem3: [efn] <vinay> is sucess.

03:27 gem3: [efn] <vinay> and freedom

03:27 love_: it is so

03:28 love_: limitless

03:28 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> i dont know if i believe in limitlessness

03:28 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> i know life is good enough though

03:28 gem3: [efn] <vinay> one’s financial situation can be a huge source of Dukkha for rich and poor.

03:28 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> we dont need limitlessness

03:29 gem3: [lbr] <stmLove2> what is dukkha ?

03:29 love_: it’s so liberating seeing words on a screen while also seeing it’s near flatness…

03:29 love_: like, it’s just this slice across spacetime

03:30 love_: if anyone needs a place to stay you are welcome, but i literally eat like a monk

03:30 love_: and live like one

03:30 love_: that is all i can offer

03:30 gem3: [efn] <vinay> the experience of the infinite seems to be a realization, on the lower levels of the body being not what I am, there are other possibilities. But with deeper investigation the infinitudes can be a self trap, an,  I am view.

03:30 love_: i’m just a still lamp

03:31 love_: it took 8 months to produce one garbage bag of trash

03:31 love_: 🙂

03:31 gem3: [efn] <vinay> every state that is samsaric is impermanent and changeable

03:32 gem3: [efn] <vinay> and stressful by definition.

03:32 love_: compost humanity

03:32 gem3: [efn] <vinay> esp wealth 😉

03:32 love_: for the benefit of limitless beings

03:32 love_: you know the etymology of the word human across the majority of human language’s history?

03:33 gem3: [efn] <vinay> love and peace are greater than greed and hate 🙂

03:33 love_: it means earth dweller

03:33 love_: that’s all

03:33 love_: that’s amazing

03:33 gem3: [efn] <vinay> cool

03:33 love_: buddha knows this

03:33 love_: awakened mind knows this

03:34 gem3: [efn] <vinay> know wonder humans want to fly and go to space 😉

03:34 love_: because of ignorance

03:34 gem3: [efn] <vinay> to be free of gravity 🙂

03:34 love_: neurology is the warp engine

03:34 love_: of liberation

03:34 love_: nature already is liberated

03:34 love_: 🙂

03:35 love_: even brian cox knows this

03:35 love_: bodhisattvas all over

03:36 gem3: [efn] <vinay> are the neural deficient hopeless? And where does one draw the lines? It reminds me of the final solution. 🙁

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03:37 gem3: [efn] <vinay> 50% of people are below average.

03:37 gem3: [efn] <vinay> in IQ

03:37 love_: talk about love vinay

03:37 love_: of compassion

03:37 love_: of equanimity

03:37 love_: of sympathetic joy

03:38 love_: remember the skill of running the jhanas

03:38 gem3: [efn] <vinay> I’m not that familiar with neurology, I think of the Dhamma as psycology.

03:38 love_: run the four illimited’s the same way

03:38 love_: stmlove… 

03:39 love_: it was asked “what is dukkha?”

03:39 love_: it means to endure

03:39 love_: the consequences of intention

03:39 gem3: [efn] <vinay> calm endurance is a practice 🙂

03:40 love_: the most exquisite practice

03:40 love_: the first step is to find your own robe

03:40 love_: 🙂

03:41 love_: this is how this is done

03:41 love_: and yes. it is final.

03:41 love_: but…

03:41 gem3: [efn] <vinay> pain is dukkha so everyone knows suffering, anatta, not self is a stratagy along with calm endurance, I’m thinking. What is whole and good is holy _/\_

03:41 gem3: [efn] <vinay> imo

03:41 love_: 🙂

03:42 love_ is now known as manji

03:42 manji: friends?

03:43 gem3: [efn] <vinay> its interesting that the good is complete and skillfull and dukkha is brokeness. Sickness and death.

03:43 manji: exactly

03:43 manji: emptiness

03:43 manji: it’s wonderful

03:44 manji: 🙂

03:45 manji: even during ouchies

03:45 manji: and pain

03:45 gem3: [efn] <vinay> is there a saying in Buddhism about never dieing or never tasting death?

03:45 manji: and throwing up all over the place

03:45 gem3: [efn] <vinay> yeah covid and all that, not-self.

03:45 gem3: [efn] <vinay> 🙂

03:46 gem3: [efn] <vinay> I never got covid 🙂

03:46 manji: me neither

03:46 gem3: [efn] <vinay> but who knows tomorrow, death?

03:46 manji: yes please!

03:46 manji: 🙂

03:47 gem3: [efn] <vinay> Not taken in, unshaken, that’s how you develop the heart. Ardently doing what should be done today, for — who knows? — tomorrow death. There is no bargaining with Mortality & his mighty horde.

03:47 manji: oh that word “ardent”

03:47 manji: is great

03:47 gem3: [efn] <vinay> give death all that is his and keep the good for ourselves _/\_

03:48 gem3: [efn] <vinay> right resolve 🙂

03:48 gem3: [efn] <vinay> or right effort,

03:48 manji: well

03:49 manji: the bodhisattva reminds death… “let them go”

03:49 gem3: [efn] <vinay> intention followed through with effort. 🙂

03:49 manji: with courage

03:49 gem3: [efn] <vinay> yes

03:49 manji: oh the adornments

03:49 manji: of the bhumi

03:49 gem3: [efn] <vinay> cool 🙂

03:50 gem3: [efn] <vinay> I like that, like the smell of jasmine in the mind

03:51 gem3: [efn] <vinay> or an indestructable gem

03:51 gem3: [efn] <vinay> I imagine a Buddha would smell as sweet as jasmine 🙂

03:51 manji: re-mind.

03:51 manji: 🙂

03:51 manji: yeah well there’s that

03:52 manji: consider it brahma’s offering

03:52 manji: “please stay”

03:52 gem3: [efn] <vinay> yes

03:52 manji: and the bodhisattva reminds brahma…

03:52 manji: “you weren’t the first”

03:52 gem3: [efn] <vinay> Brahma is God?

03:52 manji: “and won’t be the last”

03:52 manji: 🙂

03:53 gem3: [efn] <vinay> I feel we merge with God and the heavenly world, in the good _/\_

03:53 gem3: [efn] <vinay> the evil ways are lower.

03:53 gem3: [efn] <vinay> like being in tune 🙂

03:54 gem3: [efn] <vinay> hate and greed are out of tune by definition, peace is stillness _/\_

03:54 gem3: [efn] <vinay> hate and greed are so noisy

03:55 manji: wisdom traverses them all in one step

03:55 manji: that’s why wisdom is as a friend

03:56 manji: to endure the entire span

03:57 manji: in one breath

03:57 manji: to live each breath

03:57 manji: as if its the last

03:57 gem3: [efn] <vinay> I’m thinking of what is the Deathless 🙂

03:57 gem3: [efn] <vinay> like: Even royal chariots well-embellished get run down, and so does the body succumb to old age. But the Dhamma of the good doesn’t succumb to old age..

03:58 gem3: [efn] <vinay> Heedfulness, the Buddha declares, is the path to the Deathless; heedlessness, the path to death. etc…

03:58 manji: a buddha

03:59 gem3: [efn] <vinay> are we “the good” ?

03:59 manji: limitless buddha

03:59 manji: 😛

03:59 gem3: [efn] <vinay> mind is luminous for sure, alone and undisturbed by Dukkha.

03:59 gem3: [efn] <vinay> and defilements

03:59 manji: if i say “we” are… it may cause confusion

03:59 manji: but if i do not ack|nowledge> it…

04:00 manji: it may lead to discourage

04:00 gem3: [efn] <vinay> its like the good, got dirtied and trampled on but the ignorant.

04:01 manji: survival process

04:01 gem3: [efn] <vinay> just look at angry people and see that their good has dissapeared.

04:01 gem3: [efn] <vinay> yeah

04:01 manji: homeostasis seeking behavior

04:01 gem3: [efn] <vinay> its built into the mind to try to survive.

04:01 manji: no.

04:01 manji: built into bodies 

04:01 manji: born of mind

04:02 manji: dependent origination

04:02 gem3: [efn] <vinay> and mind can be wrong and deluded.

04:02 gem3: [efn] <vinay> mine often is, I argue with it 😉

04:02 gem3: [efn] <vinay> hehe

04:02 manji: mind is clear

04:02 gem3: [efn] <vinay> like a debate on what is good 🙂

04:03 gem3: [efn] <vinay> are views mind as well?

04:03 manji: though storm “and stress” pass

04:03 manji: it is clear

04:03 gem3: [efn] <vinay> that’s where I get lost, are there two minds?

04:04 gem3: [efn] <vinay> do we integrate or do we dispell?

04:04 manji: the better question is

04:04 manji: …

04:04 manji: which mind moves first?

04:04 gem3: [efn] <vinay> greed

04:04 manji: the field…

04:04 gem3: [efn] <vinay> fight and flight are very quick to respond

04:04 manji: fields.

04:04 manji: left and right hemisphere

04:05 manji: attachment process is interesting

04:05 manji: and what is interest?

04:05 manji: inter- 

04:06 manji: -est

04:06 manji: between

04:06 manji: to be

04:06 manji: piercing insight 

04:06 manji: but do not kill it

04:06 manji: for it is loved, and also renounced

04:06 gem3: [efn] <vinay> yeah, I’m very right brained, so I think I see what many don’t but I’m not all that “smart” as far as IQ goes. I’m a theoretical Buddhist 😉

04:06 manji: superpositioned

04:07 gem3: [efn] <vinay> the math and letters eludes me

04:07 manji: well now that the dial has been backed off of 11

04:07 manji: i’m just a goofy furry queer animal

04:07 manji: that loves earth

04:08 gem3: [efn] <vinay> me to

04:08 manji: and practices linguistic asceticism

04:08 gem3: [efn] <vinay> a mamal

04:08 gem3: [efn] <vinay> mammal

04:08 gem3: [efn] <vinay> ape man 😉

04:09 manji: earth dwellers

04:09 manji: can’t make this shit up

04:09 manji: like it writes itself

04:10 manji: but then that’s all goofy

04:10 manji: ok, 

04:11 gem3: [efn] <vinay> Different types of physicists use specialized skills to study how the world works, and many consider their work to be the most fundamental of the sciences. Their goal is to develop theories that summarize nature’s laws and lead to an understanding of why things function as they do. Depending on their specialty, physicists may design computer chip materials, smash atomic particles <clipped message>

04:11 gem3: [efn] <vinay> , explore the oceans, or orbit the earth. BUT not how the mind really knows

04:11 gem3: [efn] <vinay> and sees. _/\_

04:11 gem3: [efn] <vinay> Their goal is to develop theories that summarize nature’s laws and lead to an understanding of why things function as they do Sounds like Buddhism 🙂

04:11 manji: i’m a extinction sociopsychologist

04:12 manji: i’m an extinction sociopsychologist

04:12 manji: with a history renounced of an analyst, engineer, and program manager

04:13 gem3: [efn] <vinay> that sounds very Buddhist as well.

04:13 manji: and this is my meditation hall

04:13 manji: can’t make this shit up

04:13 manji: and my disciples?

04:13 manji: i keep them protected

04:13 manji: because that’s what friends do

04:14 gem3: [efn] <vinay> I don’t like Sidharttha made it up either. Its there for the wise to see and know. 🙂

04:14 manji: =)

04:14 gem3: [efn] <vinay> yeah, he did the same thing 🙂

04:14 manji: yeah

04:14 gem3: [efn] <vinay> I don’t THINK Sidharttha made it up either. Its there for the wise to see and know. 🙂

04:14 gem3: [efn] <vinay> opps

04:14 manji: “if i can do…. you can do”

04:15 gem3: [efn] <vinay> yeah

04:15 manji: 🙂

04:15 gem3: [efn] <vinay> If I can you can too 🙂

04:15 manji: running the jhanas

04:15 gem3: [efn] <vinay> it should make everyone happy to know that 🙂

04:16 manji: instead of saying “goodnight” or “i’m going to sleep”…

04:16 manji: it’s time to run jhanas

04:16 gem3: [efn] <vinay> Like a janator who just sweeps clean, the home/building of the mind _/\_

04:17 gem3: [efn] <vinay> janitor

04:17 gem3: [efn] <vinay> I can at least see that its wrong 😉

04:17 manji: the chief disciples will always be a janitor and a wizard

04:17 manji: 🙂

04:18 manji: for the janitor is love

04:18 gem3: [efn] <vinay> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3REmfMKhlO0

04:18 Eiko: ^ YouTube :: Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Mop Cleanup Scene :: Duration: 03:42 :: Views: 44,082 :: Uploader: Epic Parts of Epic Movies :: Uploaded: 2018-04-21 :: 407 likes :: 0 dislikes :: 0 favorites :: 74 comments

04:18 gem3: [efn] <vinay> 🙂

04:18 manji: and the wizard is compassion

04:18 gem3: [efn] <vinay> Nicolas Cage 😉

04:18 gem3: [efn] <vinay> hehe

04:18 manji: crosscut by transmission

04:19 manji: hahahaha!

04:19 gem3: [efn] <vinay> 🙂

04:19 manji: but don’t get carried away to merriment!

04:19 manji: and not too strict like Zen TM

04:19 manji: that shit makes dark times

04:19 manji: 😛

04:20 gem3: [efn] <vinay> I like thinking that there are things like Peace that are not mine but that I am 🙂

04:20 gem3: [efn] <vinay> on a deep level.

04:20 manji: master cursor

04:21 manji: I

04:21 manji: the delta dirac shuttle

04:21 gem3: [efn] <vinay> things we can let go of that remain

04:21 manji: it’s a mapping function

04:21 manji: between two planes

04:21 gem3: [efn] <vinay> the unborn, uncreated, unmapped 🙂

04:21 manji: yeah

04:22 gem3: [efn] <vinay> pretty cool 🙂

04:22 manji: homeostasis surround

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04:22 manji: the pith to the seed

04:22 manji: of…

04:22 manji: not yet!

04:22 manji: 🙂

04:22 gem3: [efn] <vinay> makes me want to meditate, like the prayer of unknowing. _/\_

04:22 gem3: [efn] <vinay> the peace is God _/\_

04:23 manji: it’s a weird way to befriend both god and devil

04:23 gem3: [efn] <vinay> and Buddha and Christ, etc…

04:23 manji: 🙂

04:23 manji: yeah

04:23 manji: awakening 

04:23 manji: running jhanas

04:23 gem3: [efn] <vinay> pretty cool, stuff

04:24 manji: optimal arousal

04:24 gem3: [efn] <vinay> you see evil people as just stupid.

04:24 gem3: [efn] <vinay> deluded

04:24 manji: in eco- mode

04:24 manji: nope

04:24 manji: not other

04:24 manji: 🙂

04:24 gem3: [efn] <vinay> its the/a source of suffering

04:25 gem3: [efn] <vinay> I see

04:25 manji: intention is the source of enduring

04:25 gem3: [efn] <vinay> not-other, yeah.

04:25 gem3: [efn] <vinay> the same and not the same 🙂

04:25 manji: not-self is the abbreviation for the applied versions

04:25 gem3: [efn] <vinay> for the All 🙂

04:26 manji: this is why maha-yana, and vajra-yana cannot denigrate or see this wisdom as less than 

04:26 manji: not-self is supreme

04:26 manji: not-permanent

04:26 gem3: [efn] <vinay> its like walking around with your head in consciousness that isn’t fettered. (to the clinging aggregates)

04:26 manji: 🙂

04:26 manji: it’s fucking awesome

04:27 gem3: [efn] <vinay> lol

04:27 manji: this shit has range

04:27 gem3: [efn] <vinay> 🙂

04:27 manji: like motha fuckin snakes on the mutha fuckin’ plane!

04:27 manji: and then peace

04:27 manji: running the jhanas

04:27 manji: 🙂

04:27 gem3: [efn] <vinay> Brahma viharas

04:27 manji: yep

04:28 gem3: [efn] <vinay> Buddhist virtues are like a home or dwelling 🙂

04:28 manji: yep

04:29 manji: acultural

04:29 manji: atemporal

04:29 manji: aspatial

04:29 gem3: [efn] <vinay> “brahma-vihara” literally means “dwelling place of brahmas.”  Heavenly Worlds?

04:29 manji: well of course

04:29 gem3: [efn] <vinay> or Heavenly Minds 🙂

04:29 manji: world builders

04:29 gem3: [efn] <vinay> same thing

04:29 gem3: [efn] <vinay> yes

04:29 manji: exactly

04:29 gem3: [efn] <vinay> home builders 😉

04:29 manji: intention

04:30 gem3: [efn] <vinay> yes

04:30 manji: bingo

04:30 gem3: [efn] <vinay> its like there it is _/\_

04:30 gem3: [efn] <vinay> yeah bingo

04:30 manji: and there is enduring

04:30 manji: no more.

04:30 manji: 🙂

04:30 manji: running the jhanas

04:30 gem3: [efn] <vinay> blows me away _/\_

04:30 manji: that’s just bliss

04:31 gem3: [efn] <vinay> to me jhanas have become more like a vacation 😉

04:31 gem3: [efn] <vinay> yeah just bliss 🙂

04:31 manji: oh put that shit under the microscope of insight

04:31 gem3: [efn] <vinay> while the body remains as samsara.

04:31 manji: that’s bodhisattva work

04:31 manji: nah

04:31 manji: this is a bliss body

04:31 manji: different

04:32 manji: looks like normal suffering body

04:32 gem3: [efn] <vinay> the other thing like a mind door that opens to peace

04:32 manji: but…

04:32 manji: not quite the same

04:32 manji: under this microscope

04:32 manji: 😉

04:32 gem3: [efn] <vinay> it looks at the body and sees a tool, 😉

04:32 gem3: [efn] <vinay> maybe used for teaching or doing good.

04:32 manji: hello vajra

04:33 manji: 😉

04:33 manji: the cursor’s not done yet

04:33 gem3: [efn] <vinay> I still wonder in the fields of Samsaric life, when I’m not Mindful, but the stress is way less.

04:34 gem3: [efn] <vinay> moments of clearity 🙂

04:34 manji: yep

04:34 gem3: [efn] <vinay> yeah, not done yet _/\_

04:34 manji: gotama buddha shouted and cried in pain stubbing a toe

04:34 manji: lol

04:34 gem3: [efn] <vinay> not “well done” 😉

04:34 manji: and the chief disciples shouted and argued

04:34 manji: lol

04:34 gem3: [efn] <vinay> turn up the heat.

04:35 manji: woof!

04:35 manji: hey there

04:35 manji: heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy

04:35 gem3: [efn] <vinay> and knew when to rest his back 🙂

04:35 manji: yeah 

04:36 manji: i sit on a cube

04:36 manji: of course

04:36 manji: a metal cube

04:36 gem3: [efn] <vinay> https://discourse.suttacentral.net/t/buddha-has-to-stretch-his-back/7466: It sounds like it was something he made no secrets of– he had back pain and needed to stretch his back from time to time. There is one Sutta where the Buddha asks Ananda to give an explanation to a question asked while he stretches his back and rests. When you think about it that is pretty incredible and meaningful.

04:36 Eiko: ^ Error retrieving title. Check the log for more details.

04:37 gem3: [efn] <vinay> I fractured mine in 3 places 🙁

04:37 manji: logs reverse squares

04:37 gem3: [efn] <vinay> but I’m mostly ok now.

04:37 manji: funny that

04:37 manji: oh ouchies

04:38 gem3: [efn] <vinay> my knee is the worse, like demons chewing on it 😉

04:38 gem3: [efn] <vinay> just ouch 🙂

04:38 gem3: [efn] <vinay> old karma

04:39 gem3: [efn] <vinay> what should one expect of a body?

04:39 manji: spacetime curvature attunement is a key component to running insightful analysis of jhanas

04:39 manji: love the body for what it has done

04:39 gem3: [efn] <vinay> yes attunement

04:39 gem3: [efn] <vinay> in tune ment 🙂

04:39 manji: the body is the stem

04:39 manji: and upon it the flower

04:39 gem3: [efn] <vinay> cool

04:40 manji: between these fingers

04:40 manji: it turns

04:40 manji: 🙂

04:40 manji: why?

04:40 gem3: [efn] <vinay> the body is the stem, is pertty deep, its a blessing to “beâ€� a human being.

04:41 manji: yes 

04:41 manji: it works so hard

04:41 gem3: [efn] <vinay> to experience the All 🙂

04:41 manji: it gives everything

04:41 manji: at the foot of wisdom

04:41 gem3: [efn] <vinay> it does need food, 🙁

04:41 manji: its amazing

04:42 manji: yes

04:42 manji: it needs food

04:42 gem3: [efn] <vinay> fuel

04:42 manji: yes

04:42 gem3: [efn] <vinay> more like a car than a home 😉

04:42 gem3: [efn] <vinay> a rental at that.

04:42 manji: but… it can learn to live efficiently

04:43 gem3: [efn] <vinay> what learns?

04:43 manji: and share the environments of efficiency with others

04:43 gem3: [efn] <vinay> what is wisdom, is better question

04:43 manji: wisdom?

04:43 manji: put palms together

04:43 gem3: [efn] <vinay> yes, and decernment.

04:44 manji: rotate the stem

04:44 gem3: [efn] <vinay> the head on collider, lol 😉

04:44 manji: jhana smasher

04:44 gem3: [efn] <vinay> right there, at the point of contact _?\_

04:44 manji: for the benefit of limitless beings

04:44 gem3: [efn] <vinay> yeah

04:45 gem3: [efn] <vinay> _/\_ = the wizards hat as weell 😉

04:45 gem3: [efn] <vinay> well

04:45 manji: i’m just a friend

04:45 manji: that’s all

04:45 manji: 🙂

04:45 manji: fucking awesome

04:45 gem3: [efn] <vinay> I’m of to meditate a bit, be well 🙂

04:45 manji: time to run jhanas

04:45 gem3: [efn] <vinay> give mind some stillness 🙂

04:46 manji: there’s a planet to save

04:46 manji: later…

04:46 manji: not later!

04:47 manji: i’ll guard so that you can meditate

04:47 manji: 🙂

04:47 manji: but i guard by running jhanas

04:47 manji: hahaha!

04:50 gem3: [efn] <darwin> follow Dark Buddhas

04:50 gem3: [efn] <darwin> what if I told you Mike Hockney scientifically/mathematically proved you have a spirit/soul (atman/buddhi)?

04:51 manji: it’d be like shouting into the empty sky

04:51 manji: 🙂

04:52 manji: this body is content that wisdom loves it

04:52 manji: beyond resent

04:52 manji: what a great abiding

04:54 manji: besides science evidences, math proves… 

04:55 manji: besides science evidences, optimal language proves… 

04:55 manji: eight months… one trash bag

04:55 manji: one recycling container

04:56 manji: not bad

04:56 manji: 🙂

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