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即心是佛; four poems

Four poems, mind to mind, the text, is sharp! Mere fuel.

即 – Which Is/Immediate; to kneel at an ancient round-mouthed food vessel.

In amongst quiet,
away from smells,
away from tastes
of the affairs of species.
how can one not approach,
this most prominent smell, taste,
as food?

心 – Heart; the four ventricles.

In amongst quiet,
away from the sounds,
away from bodily sensations
of the affairs of species,
how can it not be heard,
a most prominent feeling,
as syncopation?

是 – That/This; what is the most prominent “that”?

In amongst quiet,
away from the sights
of affairs of species,
how can it not be seen,
a most prominent rising,
as the sun?

佛 – Buddha; falling down straight up to down.

standing still,
a most prominent well,
like a monkey’s paw in pitch,
left and right, two arrows tied,
preconsciously expressed as palms pressed;


coming now upon sights,
affairs of species,
how can it not be seen,
and approached,
in rhythms,
and as risen as the sun.

doubts resolved,
beyond “it is”, “is it not”,
beyond the tetralemma,
one wasp remains as upaya pith,
the others escape, pollinators of wisdom, rained.

anuttara samyok sambodhi;
beyond even light,
arriving, departing,
thus come, thus gone,

a multi-colored jacket,


conceptive fixation
it is a spectrum indeed
well, more like a distribution
a probability distribution
breathing in long…………….
……………..= .
temporal delta = optimal |[> fire traveling sales<]|man problem
sliding tile
in ring