[ we are wormholes ]
this really is about halting the thrust of the advancing spear[s].

you have two[n] spears to manage.
“there is a good wolf, and a bad wolf…”
you swallow time and regurgitate space
this swallowing requires energy.
that energy is metabolized.
be careful. very careful.
do you see it?
no greed.
told you.

that’s what this is about.
it’s not like i didn’t tell you before.
yes, it sort of is fucked up,
isn’t it? calls to action.
embedded here.

don’t be greedy.
be kind to your

where will
you aim

drop the ball.
which, ball?
yes, this one.
drop it. see?

that’s pretty cool isn’t it?
fit the wording in the space.
and this is how now techniques are born,
play and discipline modulated by challenge and skill.
which mountains are you about to climb? oh, why not go straight to the top?
know your limits friends, these steep mountains require the strongest of hands, and these hands don’t use their strength. do not crack the whip. from here, we move onto the heavenly bridge[s]. the silk spools off the shuttle through the warp. never coming back [through the warp, ] the same way it came. this is takemusu aiki. you’ve changed places, with samsara itself. the other side,
arrived at, unbound, not
even here.
this steep

stay close
to the