what aikido is; [to]explore[d]…

I submit the following in progress analysis to the community… taking this analysis further, when applying ‘the path pathed is not the path’, ‘the name named is not the name’ from the Tao Teh Ching…


Prime comment from Nishio Shihan as in Aikido Journal as the doorway to relate to greater society.

“Aikido is really an expression of how an ideal society should be embodied within the context of a martial art.” – 西尾昭二師範


Using MDL analysis exposure process in Appendix I, this is by no means a complete account, the real analysis is sorted from a personal memo library and is quite large.

Aikido is a wave-function of valenced neuro-physiological activity which n-radially non-commutativily quantizes phenomena, minimizing entropic losses through [redacted] energy exchange iteratively propagated across tangential-dimensions via a configuration-of-units[1] of [redacted[2]] energy exchange[3]  <join|stabilize|divide>[4] transformations [redacted[5]] to tangential wave-functions[6] which results in an entropy managed generalized inertial frame of said neuro-physiological activity iteratively tesselated across superpositional-valence distributions of beings of similar prime phenomenological orders[7].


The Shakers died out due to the un-maintained reproduction and recruitment, the cohorts contained higher numbers of populations initially, and over time, each cohort contained less and less population due to factors the reader may be interested to know about. In order to maintain the cohort health, I’d propose rather than trying to copy and preserve skill, which ultimately leads to a reduction of liberty in the pursuit of maintaining the herd, increase the challenge presented to the herd in order to allow flow for those growing on the way.

This challenge, is perhaps why, most likely, no purchase necessary, batteries not included, why a true warrior saint arcs toward the path of righteousness and ultimately, liberation. This is the highest challenge, defeating, not what is out there, but what is in here… through doing so, then realizing these are both super-positioned, and then realizing that it goes beyond super-positioning of iterated manifolds. Beyond Nagarjuna’s “Fourway Mousetrap”5, beyond in, beyond out, beyond in and out, and beyond neither in nor out.6

<伊弉冉尊|伊邪那岐>, continually <differentiated|integrated> invitation.

Measure influences the outcome, the stopping of measure liberates the individual from the field of <ignorance|enlightenment>. The sky is no longer cloudy, all troubles have floated away like smoke on the breeze. The remaining ignorance for bodhisattvas, and vajrasattvas remains just as faceted edges of the diamond remain. Takamagahara is touched with the rear of the spear, whereas the tip, piercing all of creation pierces deep below in all directions; the spear no longer relies on the ridgepole(s), rafter(s), wall(s), and foundation(s). The ridgepole[s] having been severed from the peeler pole, this peeler pole of no volume casts infinitesimal shade. It is the sun; the rock (mineral/earth) door3 having been thrown open4 — the strongest of hands guide it7, and the light of the universe pervades all in glory.

Whoever you are, wherever, and whenever. Abstract time, abstract location, far beyond perverted views, one dwells in nibbana, emptiness is form, form is emptiness. Emptiness is EXACTLY form and form is EXACTLY emptiness. True happiness will appear as depression to the anxious man, and be untrusted by the bored man. This is the bridge you are looking for, the path, pathed… is not the path.

The way to maintain the cohort is to realize that nothing lasts forever, the cohort does not last forever. New cohorts arise out of a search. There is change – so the solution, as it has been understood and professed by this middle aged body, right smack in the middle of the common life duration, is to merely invite others to a way of life of looking beyond “cohort”, and asking the essential questions, the most valuable questions, building the most valuable environments, and nourishing life so far as to keep challenge as appropriate to intra-individual configurations. “Now time for another kind of kokyu-ho,” the Great-Mechanic-Engineer-Sensei8 says.

<wisdom|life> matsuri. And there you have it, the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. You decide, which is right, the order is important, where do you land? Some discover tranquility before insight, some discover insight before tranquility. For those of us, like I, insight preceded tranquility, yet only for what seemed like a “clock tick”. It was nearly simultaneous. For others tranquility will precede insight.

Aikido’s wave-function is that of [ redacted ] 2.

In homage to the masters, and the noble sangha.
Of warrior saints, and the noble ones.
I submit, not out of copying,
but out of honor to
to the path


Appendix I: MDL Analysis

This is a creative flow requiring full command of all aspects of abilities: physical, mental, and spiritual. More work can be done here, this was about seven minutes in near maximum flow, post-exposure of approximately twenty-four hours has been used on the final outputs. The below is only a portion of the analysis.

[Joining Ki Path]

[ really is unnecessary, though sufficient to embellish ‘is’ to raise it above in comparison, which is not necessary ]
[ an implies other possibilities, which for the purpose of this analysis is not necessary, though sufficient to remind the reader of other ways, our prevailing understanding of ‘do’ implies this, so we remove it from an analysis ]
[ reduce to ‘equals’ ]
is -really- ~an~

[[ neuro-physio-logical activity ]]
[ interchangable indicator for <habitual|creative> activity ]
expression of
thoughts, words, deeds of

[[[ <generalized|specialized> topology polarization ]]]
[[ tilt ]]

[ how implies activity and ideal implies vision of idea, essentially a highly nuanced vision ]
[ implies scarifies of liberty for the purpose of [ undefined here ], through application the ‘how’ ]
[ at its essence, this is a request to subordinate liberty to an idealized society ]
[ since the ideal society is undefined, we’ll reduce to ‘target/mark’, basically a Schrödinger Filter1, an n-slit filter to modify/maintain a probabilistic slip-concentricity in wave function ]
how an ideal society should be

[ embodiment of the how and vision above, a vehicle of this how/vision ]
[ habitation after cutting and maintaining the trenches of subordination ]
[ essentially an isomorphic transition tree from current reality tree to future reality tree, and a continual integrative/differentiated isomorphic function to maintain the future reality tree, once arrived. this requires maintenance of liberty reduction. essentially maintenance of a herd’s way; gustave le bon’s 4th stage of a herd. ]


[ constrained to a landscape of ]
[ implies that other ways are possible in different landscapes ]
[ leakage thoughts of compartmentalization (dualism, tetra-ism etc.) behaviors possible ]
[ the box, with n walls, in n-dimensional quantization (n-sphere; circle power) ]
within the context of
original quantized intent seems quantized off center; proposing constraint

[ stopping spears ]
[ aversion, greed ]
a martial
halting of pushing away and pulling toward

[ jutsu… stylization ]

[1] packing-problem arrangements; cost/benefit analysis distribution
[2] see w-shed tensioners; functional implementation: [ redacted ]
[3] redacted
[4] redacted
[5] see Schrödinger Prism

[6] conjecture: entangled 𝜓; see protein folding for near-conceptual theoretical code, be suspect of this, it’s different
[7] redacted
1 see w-shed function; [ redacted ]
2 see w-gimbal
3 enter through the narrow gate
4 kokyu, the original hand; master 五月女貢 says ‘original brain’, this is an extension of the concept through the narrow gate; it’s a long way down… strong hands
5 from Undernet’s #buddhism around in 2000’s, in particular jnana’s husband referring to this as the “fourway mousetrap”, it stuck for efficiency ever since
6 [ redacted ]
7 [ redacted ]; this is what you are looking for, but cannot see, blind person can reading book, don’t break their hands
8 Honorific name for 五月女貢, courtesy 牙王, Saotome Sensei says, “I’m not a philosopher, I am a mechanical engineer.”
9 8 Ho

Izunagi, Izunami Image: public domain, ‘月耕随筆 伊邪那岐伊邪那美二神 立天浮橋図’, Artist Ogata Gekkô (Japanese, 1859–1920), Publisher Matsuki Heikichi (Daikokuya) (Japanese)