brachistochronic tautochronicity exchange

this is just a technique
we do not rely on it.

to go beyond even


the shortest path,
always go forward,
tautochronic tension.
the bridge spanned wide
this is how this works, always
you see, i did not know until recently
that the curve spans the entirety of space-time
it’s pretty amazing that on the way
back down, that it’s another
turn, yet tilted it off axis
the inverted tauto-
chrone curve
a big fall

it’s real, “The equiangular spiral is a tautochronous curve for a linear central force μr tending to the pole. And, the epicycloid and hypocycloid are tautochronous curves for a linear central force tending from or to the center of the fixed circle.”

[paul bunyan eh?]
[fibbonacci, water cannot compress,]
[radial consumption must equal.]

[1] see a cycloid is a tautochrone
[1] see paul bunyan’s brachistochrone and tautochrone, john e. hurtado