everything you wanted to know about aikido [ keiko ]

Is right here, now the question is, which is better? The period after here? Quotation marks after is? This is review, this is re-. This is the lingering mind, zanshin.

So then the question evolves, which is better [ for what ]? For what is but view, yet another, yet another, yet another. The what is right here, this is the definitive meaning. This is mushin, for what, disappears like smoke on the breeze.

Then it appears, like a great tree, cause-effect, wavefunctions, time, space. This is interest, this is kanshin.

Aikido is divine invitation, and beyond within, without, within and without, and neither within nor without, it is beyond. Universal editors, as above, so below… this is the heavenly spear, and it precesses on an axis [ aligned to ]. Mushin.

This is the value of Aikido, it’s already beyond.

This is not something “I” can understand, because the thicket of views, the cause-effect of the heaps mistakenly recollected as “I”, is where the true work of purification is done. Like a knotted herringbone necklace, rolled gently between the paws. Unraveling renunciation — of the knots that bind us all.

It isn’t the stereotypes of -ism that is valuable, it is the function of re-ligion, to reread that is valuable. It isn’t the stereotypes of science that is valuable, it is the function of measurement-quantization that is valuable. If you practice these, you will assuredly get close, and it is stillness and motion that is the field where these come to play.

Masakatsu Agatsu.
Katsu Hayabi.

This is beyond self, other, self and other, and neither self nor other.

For the benefit of all beings;
For the benefit of the universe;
For the benefit of all.

Thank you.