photon addiction

[21:31] photon addicts.
[21:31] 🙂
[21:36] a cosmic plinko machine.
[21:37] the pegs are the measurements
[21:37] collapsing wavefunctions
[21:37] resistance to probability
[21:37] “the march is beginning all over again”1
[21:38] the biological neural network is the thing we are looking for.
[21:38] this is the best vehicle for enlightenment
[21:38] go beyond self view
[21:38] beyond human view
[21:38] beyond herd view
[21:38] “for the sake of the conscious”1
[21:39] “to never more suffer, for peace without end”1
[21:39] this is to go beyond
[21:39] in plain words
[21:40] to solve the trolly problem and the halting problem in one go
[21:40] * muddysan ( has joined #buddhism
[21:41] this is enlighten-ment
[21:41] the seal is broken.
[21:41] the rain falls
[21:41] a universe into a single pore of another universe.
[21:42] i used to think that the switch was turning on and off… it was changing directions.
[21:42] 🙂
[21:43] waves.
[21:44] “xray delta one this is mission control… roger you’re at one niner three zero”2
[21:44] le roi est mort… vive le roi!2
[21:45] “things are changing, but nothing changes, and still there are changes…”2
[21:45] it’s all right here
[21:45] you cannot make this up… there is cause
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[21:46] a noble truth indeed.
[21:46] complete integration. all tangents to waves.
[21:46] all differentials.
[21:47] far beyond “meditation”
[21:47] … “all our lives we wait for the answers, but the question is why”2
[21:47] 🙂
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[21:47] the credits roll.
[21:48] live superpositionally.
[21:48] stand on the surface of spacetime and arise from the mud of samsara
[21:49] the wishfulfilling gem shines like ten thousand suns
[21:49] the plum blossoms are in bloom.
[21:50] bodhicitta
[21:50] “apply today”3
[21:50] compound interest
[21:50] “write a message”4
[21:50] face… book… mandala… what are you thinking?5
[21:52] no more enduring…
[21:52] the bridge is crossed.
[21:52] gone… to the other shore.
[21:53] in the palm of these hands
[21:53] bodhi SVAHA.
[21:53] “it is real and not a dream… it is time to break the chains of life… if you follow you will see… what’s beyond reality”2
[21:54] we do not look for MORE experiences6
[21:54] this IS the experience.
[21:54] far apart from perverted views one dwells in nibbana7
[21:55] true happiness.7
[21:55] i don’t need to thank samsara anymore.8
[21:56] this IS the dana.9

1 VNV Nation
2 Enigma
3 Bank of America Convenience Check on Desk
4 Telegram prompt on screen; “Write a message…”
5 Facebook prompt on screen; “What’s on your mind?”
6 Instructions from Mahamudra
7 Prajna Paramita Sutta
8 Paul Weinstein 1:1, “no need to thank me anymore; not landing”
9 “They will not understand you,” Saotome Sensei consoles.