a vajrasattva song

when but,
becomes and,
transcended yet,
superpositioned what,
an interstellar tidal wave,
“you don’t follow the rules, ”
neither do we.
and upward.
when and becomes
what, yet superpositioned,
the music plays, it’s not quite
the redirection of energy,
nor is it the application,
of soft. religion. to re-
read. down here,
not even siri,
knows, w-
hat. to.

the dialog,
dialog, dialog…
it really doesn’t matter,
the inverse of braille, even
blind person can reading book.
it’s not the intention, that leads to li-
beration. it’s superpositionally liberated.
you know, it’s funny! yet, not quite a bad joke.
yes, no, maybe so… all of it is integrated, some say it
is the storytelling that matters, well not quite. <I|U>nceasing
evergrowing meditation, the complexity, which is valence, is correlated
with the… when things fall apart…

rest, pa<w|use>
pretty easy to get back
up now; poetry; palm reading
they are so close, must withdraw; DING!
jet writes back…

master plays video games,
he also enjoys flow, anxious, playing with his feet.
he cannot hear the music, yet moves with the music, amplificaiton,
it’s sort of like a transistor, bias current, and amplified current, yet the universe
does not like to be identified, well because i don’t want to be identified, and isn’t it odd that something so simple as a name, means, intends so much?

now the commentary to a very loong track,
beyond ending, beyond beginning,
philosophers arguing, endlessly,
why? it was said right there,
the name named is,
not the name.

and the dance,
the sangha, accompany
the way.

1 “actually it should be beyond::pffft,” samye rinzen wrote.