“I thought you didn’t have a name”,1
Perhaps it’s true, it really is, for
the nameless name is yet not
even the true name. Funny
that something so simple
is yet so profound, and
here too is a name, a
marker, moving, the
string of beads,
is not the real
thread, silk
not even
that. Sensei
is, Gendo Shihan
one who hides their
abilities in order to mingle
with the common people, this
is convention. The mountain grows
not a perfect pyramid, and the other side,
weaving, bobbing, thread down, thread up, here
too is the story, life every presently unfolding, if i can
do you can do, the words are quite simple, it’s flow
every increasing, ever growing flow. love stream.
compassion stillness, the superpositioned is
beyond unity; take musu aiki. it is so yet
not about “the best”, magnitude and
direction holds a key, “you’ve
made it this far”, so far..
so far. having gone
beyond. all beings
already enlightened.
so submissive, and
all the strength rests
on the earth, unused.
ashes rest on the
earth. we are just
sorting ashes.

Emptiness Does Not Posess Form.
Form Down Not Posess Emptiness.

Emptiness Does Not Have Form.
Form Does Not Have Emptiness.

Not Even Mingling.
Freedom, Freedom.

Freedom Is Not Kingdom.
King of Own Life.

To Submit to Authority.
To Resign is to Renounce.
Renunciation is a Bikkhu Path.
This is where the lotus seed is planted.

This is a record of thus, having
gone. This too is pulling,
to renounce, pulling
back, re-reading,

1 detleff.