samsara; the leisure economy


all beings, aflame,
self-aware, endowed
with the genesis of life
and the fusion of knowledge,
even one grain of sand,
and lesser, divided.
a heart beats.

“i don’t think martial arts,
are the best way to benefit all beings….”

“of course not….”

echos in the hallwaylessness
of being unconstrained,
the doors busted,
the busting,

the busting of now,
“do you hear the sound of one hand…”
oh yes! oh, yes!

homage to the refuge tree,
that gloriousity of gloriousness,
love, just love. happiness, real happiness,
is the path of aiki. straight to the center, all scores
settled, no tabulation, no board, no stocks, no bonds, no loans,
there, on the horizon, for it is the horizon, limitless vision,
unfixed, unfazed, unraveled, undone, the beauty of
form and function… “never complain about
uke…” samsara… “don’t break its hands
for this is the mud of the lotus, the
compost, limitless compost,
the ability to see past
lives, the ability
to appear in

a cosmic
joke, beyond joke,
beyond not joke, beyond
joke and not joke, beyond neither
joke nor not joke. superpositioned samsara,
nibbana. superpositioned wisdom, method; the masters
of ten thousand generations of sages dare not speak,
penetrating the entirety of the span of bardo in
one shot, hidden for the benefit of all beings,
do less harm than more, and now yet the
measure, less, more, less and more,
neither less nor more, the wea-
pon of vajra destroys all,
it pulverizes the bones
and the blaze is seen
for what it truly is
and seeing, and
truly, and fal-
sly, truly and
falsely, niether
truly nor falsley,
the sound of a far
distant shore crashes
upon the rocks, views, pre-
conceived, congealed, cooled to
structures, malleability is proportional…

“know the jhana forwards, backwards,
in order, out of order…” dwelling withdrawn,
iterating between… powerful awareness, sati… and
now know this…

do not rob the guru yoga
of its efficacy, nor the livelihoods
of its disciples for the lamp of illumination
dims as the wheel stops turning, please, long life,
the yearning, yet is innovated with dedication, and this
practice of dedication is shared and opened to all
beings, beyond not-equal, beyond equal, be-
yond equal and not equal, beyond neither
equal nor not equal. the saints and the
vikings join hands, beyond herds,
inter-individual, inter-insitut-
ional, the sleeper must
awaken. the sands
of time, fall through
the edge of these eyes
one grain at a time, ichi-
go ichi eh. the death poem
dies. and this, just this, are the
ashes, that remain… sorted. this is
our work, until all beings liberated, not
a trick, it is true.

automating the generation of revenue,
for the persuits of pleasure, rob the
beings of their possibility for per-
suits of the same, for not all
beings squander time in
pleasure, and inflict-
ing pain. yet know this,
samsara IS the mud of enlightenment,
samsara IS the vehicle.

the path IS samsara.

there is momentum,
there is manifold,
there is power inverse squared,
there is valence[d] brachistochrone[d] path;
root cut. buddha seal,
the hand of bud-
dha. the ter-
ma is fo-

maitreya’s secret,
in the palm of the hands.
the guard,
is on watch,
three watches
of that night.

[in the garden sorting leaves…]
The clock falls.

The rhythm aflame;
it too is in brachistochrone change.
[will]see[n] all beings [to]enlighten[ed].

the fire,
is the enlightening.

benefit… benefit… benefit…