ichi-go, ichi-eh iv


When the ox and the sage return.


Saotome Sensei listens – Robert Deppe & Sharon Hainsfurther Residence

One day, after mid-morning keiko, Sensei came down the stairs. The dojo was quiet, people had left, and it was time for study. These days were quiet, a place to meditate, daily, so fortunate to have arrived here.

Sensei came down the steps, and gestured toward the art, and unlike other lectures, he points around, his claw like fingernails, like a bird’s claw… “this all, is sensei’s honor… you knowing sensei’s honor? you protecting sensei’s honor…, keeping honor… ok”?”

“Yes, sensei,” impact came, no resisting, ukemi, receive, reborn, receive, reborn. Out of the ashes, the inkstone meets water, and upon that paper, that pith pulp, for food, or for the written word, is this word… in light.

Now, having walked between heavens, hells, and the human realms, sitting, beneath trees… and upon rocks, and beneath wooden frames, besides fires…

This is samsara, this is 先生, this entire world is 先生. The teacher is this very experience, here and now, 只今. Protecting, halting the thrust of the advancing blade of self-view, and its weapons are diverse and guided by the hands of we-view. Yes, there is vajrayana, and it is practice, go really beyond, and discover rei, 令.

So still today, and now more than ever, there is protecting, there is budo, 武. Yet, when that glorious, accomplishment illuminates the sky, stand firm, for even the heavens may come against.

Honor, dignity, “if I can do, you can do.”

To be, or not to be… yond…
far apart from perverted
view, one dwell[ed] in
nibbana, and then
the fox came, in
pain, pleasure
having tasted
the sweet nectar
of wisdom, returning
once more, to ask for
the teaching, and knowing
harmony of compass and map;
heart and mind, and it is
the spirit, that animus,
ki, ai… ki… ai… ki…
cut and stick,
cut and stick…
cut and stick…

in one go.



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