Talk of the Sun at the Base of the Lotus

talk-of-the-sun-at-the-base-of-the-lotusBhante Dhammadhasi, approaching sharing dhamma…

“Wish you happy Valentine’s day. We might, for example, think of Buddhist spirituality as peace-loving, calm, virtuous and nonviolent; but in the case of a child or a pet running into the street, the active sides of compassion’s calm heart spontaneously blaze forth, even as the loving center remains unchanged. Thus, the selfless Bodhisattva could possibly use force for the greater good, to protect, or to prevent harm and so forth, and need not be passive in the face of danger or when there is need for skillful, appropriate action. The first arm of Buddhist love is maitri or lovingkindness, a boundless feeling of friendliness and wishing well for others. Maitri, or metta in the Pali language, implies friendliness: befriending and accepting yourself, your body and mind, and the world.”

Ashes spread by thus having gone…

Yes Bhante, even in the midst of great action, compelled by compassion, allaying suffering swiftly, removing annoyances with great haste, there is still calm, there is tranquility, there is calm abiding knowing these four noble truths.

The spiritual armor of unshakable faith, of wisdom, should even Indra decide to hurl mountains or the entire universe[,] is present. Love for all beings, compassion for all beings. How appropriate this image of the red lotus, how appropriate the sun, shining through the base. The fruit of karma, vipaka. The red lotus represents enlightened action, moving, here… and the sun, of the shakya clan, friends of the sun, that radiant star of warmth, yet like a blade, useful and [cherished] with great care and respect.

Thank you for sharing in messenger, it is pleasing, it is the nectar, it is nourishing without recipe, without need for seasoning or presentation, though it may be [adorned in season]. Dharma has no culture, though it may be adorned in culture, as this lotus, when plucked may be ador[n]ed for a pleasing countenance, it may also be ador[n]ed [<with|]in[>] an arrangement. So too with the awakened warrior, alone, upright, ardent, and aware, the faculties purified, the mind inclined toward wholesome activity, is just as this sun [adorned] [<with|]at[>] the base of the lotus.

Homage to Buddha,
Homage to Dhamma,
Homage to the Noble Sangha

How fortunate, to be here, how rare the opportunity. The dhamma is uptaken expediently, uptaken without vacillation, promptly practiced, sufferings endured for the benefit of all beings, and that benefit is the development of enlightened mind.

This shall be known as the Talk of the Sun at the Base of the Lotus, for the benefit of all beings.