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S.N. Goenka United Nations

A speech from S.N. Goenka, a vipassana meditation master, marked up with MDL.

Leaders of the Human Spiritual World,
Leaders of the Human
We thank the organizers,
that such a wonderful occasion is here,
there, we all can unite,
and serve the humanity,
religion is religion only when it unites,
religion is no more religion when it divides,
religion is not for uniting people,
it is for uniting people,
so much has been said about conversion,
for conversion, and against conversion,
i am for conversion, i am not against conversion,
[brachistochrone curve. black hole curve.]
but conversion not from one organized religion, against another organized religion,
[brachistochrone efficiency curve]
[proportion of [proximal cause] external generated happiness to [un-caused] internal generated happiness]
conversion from misery to happiness,
conversion from bondage to liberation,
conversion from cruelty to compassion,
that is the conversion needed today,
and that is what this organization should make a point to implement,
our ancient country
had not only given the message
of peace and harmony to the world,
to the humanity,
enlighten persons have given the method,
the technique,
how to have peace,
how to have harmony,
to me,
to think of
peace in the human society,
we cannot ignore individuals,
if there is no peace in the mind of the individual,
[self-view cannot understand we-view]
i can’t understand how there can be real peace in the human world,
if i have agitated mind,
if i have mind all the time full on anger, hatred, animosty,
how can i give peace to the world,
because i have no peace myself,
i am an agitated person,
[greed is proportional to crime]
the great enlightened persons have said,
[non-commutative radiation]
first have peace within yourself,
so one has to observe,
whether really is peace in me or not,
all the saviors, and saints, and seers of the world,
have given us the advice,
know thyself,
know thyself,
not merely at the intellectual level,
not merely accepting at the emotional, devotional level,
at the actual level,
when you start experiencing the truth,
about yourself, within yourself,
at the experiential level,
many of the problems get solved,
you start understanding,
the universal law,
universal law of the nature,
universal law of the god almighty,
universal law which is applicable to one and all,
when i start observing within myself,
and i find that i am generating anger, hatred, ill-will, animosity,
[result of practice]
i immediately realize
[self-view is collapsing]
that i am the first victim of my anger,
i am the first victim of the hatred,
animosity, that i am generating within myself,
then only i start harming others,
this is law of nature,
if i observe within myself,
i find,
as soon as i generate any negativity in the mind,
[intention obstruction]
there is alot of physical reactions,
my body starts burning,
heated up,
i am a miserable person,
and when i generate negativity in me,
and become miserable,
i don’t keep this misery limited to myself,
[self-view other-view]
i keep on throwing this misery on others,
i make the entire atmosphere around me,
so tense,
that anybody who comes into contact with me,
becomes miserable,
and i talk of peace,
i talk of happiness,
[increase resolution; inter-est; between to be; between self; between we; intra-individual]
keep on talking happiness and peace,
what is happening in me is more important to me than anything else,
law of nature,
and if i am free from these negativities,
if my mind is free from negativities,
mind is pure,
again law of nature starts working,
i observe within my self
at this moment,
there is no negativity in the mind,
and look,
the nature,
of the god almighty,
has started rewarding me,
i feel so peaceful,
so peaceful,
that is,
when i generate negativity,
i observe,
i become so miserable,
so anyone belonging to this religion or that religion,
this tradition or that tradition,
this country or that country,
[<brake|[sluice gate]let up>|<break|unite>>]
when one breaks the law of the nature,
one generates negativity in the mind,
bound to suffer,
the nature starts punishing this person,
the hellfire within,
one starts feeling the misery,
of hellfire within,
this is the seed that i am sowing,
[hell realm momenta destination]
the seed of hellfire within,
after that i will get nothing but hellfire,
law of nature is certain,
if i keep my mind
full of love,
full of compassion,
[[limitless destination inclination]]
[heaven realm momenta destination]
i enjoy the kingdom of heaven within myself.
and this seed of kingdom of heaven,
will bring nothing but fruit of the kingdom of heaven after death,
whether i call myself a hindu or a muslim or a christian or the jain,
makes no difference,
makes no difference,
human being is human being,
human mind is human mind,
conversion should be from the impurity of the mind
to purity of the mind.
how people get changed,
such wonderful changes come,
no magic,
no miracle,
there’s a pure science of observing the interaction,
of mind and matter within ourselves,
how mind keeps on influencing the matter of the body,
how body keeps on influencing the mind,
if you keep on observing,
keep on observing,
we understand the law of nature so clearly,
[<locality|temporality> measured]
that as and when i generate negativity,
i start suffering,
and as and when i am free from negativity,
i start enjoying peace and harmony.
that can be practiced,
by one and all,
a wonderful tradition,
a wonderful technique,
given by the enlightened one,
in our ancient country,
[laminar flow|quick water|low surface tension|heaven and earth come together|lower ceilings|live close to nature.]
and spread in the world,
even today,
people from different communities,
different traditions,
different religions,
they come and learn this technique,
they get the same benefit,
the… [<quant|cont>inuum][religion prime quantizations]
makes no difference,
human beings are human beings,
[|buts> |makes>]
makes no difference,
but the big difference comes,
they become real spiritual people,
full of love,
full of compassion,
good for themselves,
good for others,
[peace abstracts <i|my>]
when i generate peace in my mind,
[limit is inversely proportional to me density wave-function, where limit is a gaussian [obstruction|resistance] lensing function]
the entire atmosphere around me,
gets permeated with the vibration of peace,
anybody who comes into contact with me,
starts enjoying peace,
this is the real conversion,
which is necessary,
nothing else.