lifting of defilaments,
it is the order of this lifting,
the non-commutative ordering,
that determines the character of the
noble seeking, and it is this character that
defines, and architects the world of buddha,
the flame, put out, the flash, the smoke, the falling,
the ebb and flow of noble activity, this then
forms the nirmanakaya, sambogakaya,
dhammakaya, of noble illumination,
and so knowing, and seeing,
directly, upright, ardent,
this too is not self,
liberating, and
seeing, direct
this world,
and the,
worlds, just
as there is not-self,
this wisdom, implies not-self of other,
and it is a rapid, it is a quickening, of wisdom, knowledge,
penetrated beyond, and so this knowledge,
not-self of other, comes not-self of we,
the sangha, having drawn near,
having considered, having
established the view,
just so there is not-we,
and as there is not-we, there is not-they, and so knowing, upright,
aware, this sangha flanks the world[s], for this turning, this wheel,
of enlightenment, is just this.
know thysel<f|ves>,
and once this,
is done,
samsara is seen for what it really is,
and not-self, not-we, not-samsara, is known,
and just as there is not-samsara, there is not-other-shore,
limitless worlds…