Read Faster…

A poem arose in the crossing of this advert-ise-ment.

Read faster than your peers,
compete with them,
get a house in the city sooner
than them,

aggregate more gains
than them,

live next to neighbors
doing the same thing,
rub elbows with sharks,
eat the fishies,
for they are too slow,
to compete in this sea of market.

intimidate them with speed
of your ability,
woo their dollars to your company,
since antiquity.

set their retirements
onto your back,
the ones who come sooner,
benefit greater,
the race of races,
for in debt they will entrust,
the fish, reliant
on the shark’s back.

And so, it continues,
the tower of excess,
yet one day will fall
because of x-est,
the center,
that x marks,

shakes these walls,
now great crack,
like roots set forth upon mortar and concrete,

spread firm these twists thus turned,
of wisdom’s sharp teeth,
eating and knurling,
social glues, of the passed

kingdom come,
thy will be done,
as on earth…
as in heaven.

And so to undo
what has been glued,
for freedom from bondage
of “more” and “fast”;
the lung’s wish and
of hearts last.

the polar tower only grows as high,
as lateral neighbors compete with
each other; and now you see the
truth of the matter, as it always ends
in disaster.