Co-Dependent Competitive Radial Arbitrage

The phenomena whereby a function occurs between lower demand (aka: ruralities) to higher demand densities (aka cities) through transitional zones of demand (aka: suburban/superrural), creates radiating tensions in distributions of transit time and locale densities, wealth accumulation densities, income accumulation densities, disease accumulation densities. As a result of these transitional functions, tectonic effects occur. That is, an individual on the mountains of high demand (ie. ivory towers), are benefitted by the radial competition by organizing behaviors (ie. beings) in bands of equitable equality (ie. social strata) to reach higher on the mountain of demand. Supply (ie. resources and neuro-mechanical processors (ie. humans and machine)) is then drawn deeper from lower demand.

An inversion effect is then demonstrated whereby lower demand territory becomes suffocated by the tower’s share of voice in bands of communicative distribution. Whereby the bands of social strata and share of voice strata exhibit a skewing function (ie. inclination), like a flower attracting a wasp, or an advert-ise-ment (ie. mentality advertance) away from hives to the flowers. In effect, the fruit tree, attracts the wasps, and consumes them (ie. fig trees) if the wasp offspring are unable to dig out of the pith faster than the fruit consumes them. The warriors dig through the pith to allow the queen to escape the consumption. In these fruits, consumption of the wasp (workers of all strata) result in the ivory tower’s growth, and thus feeds the reach of share of voice (like leaves and branches) over the planes, blocking light from other plants, and roots taking more resources from other plants, yet producing growth. In other fruits, the pith, consumed while dug through, allows the escape, leaving emptiness, that is, holes through the fruit.

Thereby revealing that all is changing, and change itself is a resource for consumption. And in this world where this knowledge is gained, a superpositioning between share of voice and resource consumption must be found, for a different kind of future, because we have the experience, if we plan, if we can see that close… show me the way, and i’ll do what I can… and this, like a seal, flapping its flippers… welcome to the new world… this is how the wasp, digs through the pith… it consumes it, and makes it, its own, and what is its own? it is beyond mine, and thus, excreted, all samsara, abandoned, beyond min<e|d>. And Samsara can’t stand losing <me|you>… take you higher… stop those tears…

The solution for an anemic behavior in growing more fruit trees (aka: cities), is for the wasps to be encouraged away from the few fruit trees that stand, however, the canopy coverage of share of voice is the limiting factor in tension with the fruit being distributed deeper into rurality. Therefore rural innovation is a solution, and needs space, aka: social distancing to come to fruition. In effect, the laws of nature must be applied, emulated, obeyed, in digital spaces, for humans, animals, insects, plants, are beings of nature, for nature, and returning to nature. The striving to be as fast as light, creates un-natural tension, speed, speed, faster, more, more, is stressing the natural order of things.

Those voices able to penetrate deep across vast networks of social exchange, smothering out the voices of the many, for the benefit of the few, must withdraw for this is the trolly problem, coupled with the halting problem. And the halting problem is known, it is seen, it is direct, it is just this. Bu. And the way of halting is Bu Do.

No more; restore order such that the people themselves say, “we ourselves have done it.”

“I’m the one who took you for granted, I’ve made my mistakes, wake up, let’s not break up… you’ve got love so strong, you really turn me on… Thrill Me… I’m gonna treat you right…”

This is nirmanakaya. 🙂