homage to the re-readers

and it is so bhante, with the rising,
and it is so bhante, with the setting,
may the qualities of liberation assemble
together, the community, the assembly of wisdom,
having conquered, having uprooted self-view, and by so doing,
having laid down the spears tossed about by these views, so too, do
these spears stop, at hand, not even picked up by we-view, and,
there, the sun rises, and there it sets, for of the sun, and,
by the sun, illuminating, brilliant, penetrating, warm,
it is close, it is near, as kinsman of the sun,
and so, the wheel turning comes to a
close, and once more, the crack
comes, to lay down all spears,
to allay the ignorance,
of we-view, and
turn, turn,
love unobstructed,
compassion unobstructed,
the creator stands beside, willing,
to open the gates of heaven in passing,
the noble search, for excitement, for rapture,
for bliss, for further bliss, for equanimity, for limitless
space, for limitless awareness, limitless emptiness, and now,
the four-way conjecture, seen directly, and this mind having recollected,
having considered, having tackled, having wrestled, with this turning,
it considered, “what causes the turning of this wheel to slow
down?” and just as it has been considered, it occurred,
that just as this dhamma is for those with a little
sand in the eye, this is for the wheel with a
little sand in the wheel, and looking
examining, far and wide, it was
seen, fierce determination,
the smallest obstacles,
the sensitive ones,
the martial ones,
the warriors,
of sand,
to stop,
a grain,
of sand,
and prevent,
its accumulation,
and just as one upright,
ardent, remains, so too does one,
remain upright, ardent, mind ablaze, inclined,
toward the remedy of self-view,
toward the remedy of we-view,
to stop all spears, and now,
the wheel turns once,
more… unturned,
it turns, all on
the path,
as sand,
from gears,
just these heaps,
limitless in wave and combination,
liberated, spontaneous, impermanent,
not-self, not-we, unenduring,
unborn, uncreated is
exactly created,
homage to
the peacock,

from all, gone!