Free Parking

Light <Gate|Well>

Regarding economics and society. When Masterclass is free for all beings, then that is a society beholden to generosity, love, and compassion, and empowering of social mobility. It is the restraint on knowledge and wisdom that enslaves those not empowered by conditions to take part of it, remaining endured to the economic rot of a super-species dependent on an ever growing consumption for opportunity. This opportunity is greater magnified by increasing both the supply of a sub-species members, and decreasing the opportunity for survival of it by way of narrowing gates.
Thus the sub-species is made ever more dependent on the super-species for survival, gated by opportunity, walled by cities, and work place, the sub-species are enslaved not by the super-species, but by the mere reality of the very foundation of geometry. Less balls fit in smaller areas surrounding a center, and compete between each other, for inclusion in each ring, toward the high center. Our problem in society is not of politic, it is simply a packing problem of supply and demand, and those with knowledge of it, can profit greatly when the problem is obscured, due to the lack of opportunity distributed equally, and raise themselves on high at the centers of these distributions, standing on the shoulders of giants, and declaring, “learn from me, I know the way,” yet it was the way of a narrowing of gates, by widening the canopy, of their voice, upon a stage, inverted, not representative, of the very reality stood on.
The Stage’s Reach is Inversely Proportional to Equality.