On Photography Competitions

As this crossed this feed… and this being the only thing close to a digital sidewalk, free, and liberated, of which to bump up and meet with others freely in this world of switch and pitch.

To be quite frank, I wish the end of these competitions and to live in a world where all photographers just were paid the better for it. The best photographs I see lately are from friends and family who struggle with their “day jobs” catering to a new world, a feudal world, called the internet, and it sends its slave ships out, to take these young to old, given freely, such is their syren’s call and it drains the real world of its brightest to illuminate the digital world.

These are no different than lotteries, arbitrary in complexity, judicious in simplicity, favored by the perspective tastes of the judges and the fortunate coming together of the benefits of wealth for equipment producing the resolutional flavor of the day, and the benefits of an eye to see, and a body to steady, and a mind to frame, and a fortunate crossing through of subjects, perspectives rare in the seeing of a society of the blind in its passings. Blind in the being stuffed with light, sound, taste, and touch, the corona of medias of all senses, the feeder economy, to the feedee.