Can a Persuasion by Any Other Name Smell as Manipulating?

And in that persuading, is it just, is it ethical, is it providing to neighbors solving suffering and harm? Is it unjust, is it unethical, is it extracting from neighbors leaving suffering and harm?

An electronic weapon, a weapon of the pen, mightier than swords, plugged in, and switched on, persuading, connecting, to that socket, vibratory utility power, engaged, turned on, before ethics can align, before the halting problem solved, before knowing the fruits of all permutation, attempted, in growth, in randomness, trial and error, brute force upon beings, driven by weak intuition, unforged. Without solving the halting problem, the persuasions come, locusts of pleasure and pain, and in the persuading, unexpected, a halt, occurs, and now the trolley problem deploys, like a parachute, to save the pen holder’s herd, random in effort, in heuristic, last breath permutations, unknown in the haltings, unsolved.

A great tyranny reins, in persuasion, cold and calculating on measures of transaction and debts, on supplies and demands, intersected, calculated, majoritated for the benefit of the herd, rather than all. Re-sonate…. Re Sonate… Re Read… Re Sing… Re Read… Re Sing…

Limitless voices persuading, bees to the flower fields of memes, blossomed, and propagating a tree evolving, perceptions beamed, across time and space, through all things, aligned, and forged. Coming and going, magnetized and polarized, loop currents emergent, all persuasions divergent.

No it cannot last,
No it cannot last,
As it is conditioned,
It is impermanent,
Fallen the
pole stands,
the bridge to
heaven and from
hearth for spirit, and
the bridge to earth
and from heaven
descendent for