Butterfly Flaps Its Wings

frogs have all jumped away
from the pond below
only gentle tracks
of deer, remain
if manji goes down there…


the affairs of states is not worthy of discussion, this is a valuable restraint


functions of kings, functions of armies, functions of vehicles, food… so much

beyond holding dear, beyond holding not dear
what then is drawing near?

bu… stop spear

espresso machine is cleaning itself
click click…

[rules are like kata]
it’s the principle density
kata increase[s] principle density; a probability distribution.
copy kata, no understanding principle
see kata, for what it is
see the principle

see principle of restraining these topics unsuitable for discussion
with bhumi… helping via [redacted]

kamma and vipaka
not perfect
this is samsara
wisdom’s presence helps
only desire as noble search removes obscurations
wisdom realization distribution
schrödinger’s wall
only way

[<<<self|other>|<we|they>>view|wisdom> sees <the|a> buddha.]1
[<<self|other>|<we|they>>view|wisdom> <kills|[groks]> <the|> buddha.]1
if karma could improve samsara, no need for liberation
if this is true, buddha lied
if self view sees the buddha, self view kills the buddha
1 past T-11

bat flaps wings
this is limit
asynchronous key to samsara
key is protected
private key
butterfly flaps wings…
hurricane [projection distribution]

that’s enough for now

corona of… [REDACTED]

[Rings; Fields]
Sasha Ring
Meaning [averaging] of Alexander
Defender of the People
Shorted [Sasha]

harmonic (dissonant asymptotic phase interchange)