morning relay on bhumi

[09:37] rinpoche, the red hat lama of karma kagyu on an occasion visiting bodhi path, said “never denigrate any yana, no denigration, study, lots of study”… he gave a large list of texts to the practitioners at large in this group, in potomac maryland, the texts are dense, and he said, “very intelligent here, in dc, so much intelligence… so, many teachings, very fast, so fast… study study…”
[09:37] and the practitioners did… and many have attended three year and six year retreats, many went to france, some now are residents at various places, some operate hidden for security to protect practitioners in china
[09:38] rinpoche read suttas from tipitaka, he could recollect them, he could recollect suttas from all yana
[09:38] he stresses renunciation and that this just this is the only way
[09:39] he stresses that in the dark times, there is contamination in lineage teachings
[09:39] so practitioners must go to texts and study, and practice
[09:41] he also stressed the fact that in an environment that is unsuitable for practice, in that environment if one undertakes a committed practice, one may fall sick, one may die quickly, because the conditions are not supportive of practice, the karma of the individuals is insufficient to meet with a practitioner… so the practitioner dies
[09:42] it was an interesting comment he shared a few times, maybe twice, in all the visits, over oolong tea in the kitchen.
[09:45] karma and vipaka works across all of samsara
[09:45] “the ocean with its churning waves”
[09:46] and here in this room, a digital notebook, an interchange of thoughts and ideas #buddhism
[09:46] many have practiced for years, some dabble, some just relating… a safe place
[09:46] there is great capacity in the visitors here, great diversity
[09:48] anatta is the gem of realization and
[09:48] it implies that “other” is just as illusory
[09:48] so limitless love and compassion arises
[09:48] not biased by forms of self, other…
[09:49] yet seeing suffering directly, it applies an antidote
[09:50] the third bhumi, or ground, firming, upon which steps the practitioner to the fourth… is the fruit of a perfection of patience
[09:51] this makes light… fire of wisdom.
[09:53] the earlier bhumi was joy, limitless joy, seeing emptiness directly… there is firm conviction… firm faith… yes it’s all true, not by word or promise, but now by direct insight… the raft was found… it really floats… it is a refuge indeed
[09:55] the next is stainless… an ability to transform negative, continuously… to beautiful activity
[09:55] and then this perfection of patience, it radiates like sunshine
[09:56] the fourth… burns up even further, affliction… and can see beyond directions
[09:57] not just light, but perception sees clearly, seeing clearly, less grasping, the swinging between tired and exalted comes closer together, there is mroe stability
[09:57] perception operates more appropriately.
[09:58] the fifth… is where torque itself is seen for what it truly is
[09:58] this is where the torque of the initial inclination is seen directly
[09:59] it is extremely difficult to penetrate instantaneous torque of absorption, samadhi
[10:00] this is aiki wisdom here… and at this point, it is extremely difficult for beings to overcome this being
[10:01] anatta, annica is seen continuously.
[10:03] the sixth… gone… gone… nibbana… nirvana… the lamp is put out… and with the earlier perfections, pliant in application… the putting out is as the perfection of braking… time stops, all momenta can be seen, all vectors, the entire display can be manifest of the current momenta… superpositioning is seen
[10:05] the seventh… gone beyond… the application now is continuous, the shravaka is known directly, one enjoined the shravakas and gone beyond it, one enjoined the pratyekas and has gone beyond it… the ability to change to meet the audience of suffering directly… the audience is suffering. it is beyond self, beyond other… here to solve suffering… bodhi solves suffering… just bodhi
[10:07] the eighth… immovable… inconceivable… unmoved by the very signs that accompany perfect<ing|ion>…
[10:07] all misunderstandings of annata are seen directly…
[10:08] emptiness… immovable
[10:08] space is exactly emptiness.
[10:09] ninth… it is as if time and space warps, the acceleration is profound, the entire ramp of 1-8 happens in an instant… and goes utterly beyond
[10:09] the mastery of torque penetrates the truth of samsara
[10:10] the meeting’s first instant solves suffernig
[10:10] a single vibration solves suffering, the being, bodhi, unobscured is as the medicine
[10:10] and the tenth… just this… the cloud of dharma… the rain “of excellent doctrine falls”
[10:11] that concludes this morning’s typing.
[10:11] for the benefit…
[10:11] of limitless sentient beings.