An Oath to a Charter Between Free States of Beings

Thankfully in the military the oath is to serve, uphold, and defend a charter between free states rather than the materiality of its forms, so as to the protection of inalienable rights of a free people, and while the prevailing opinions did not look to all beings as equal, the will to move that arc, though it distasteful to some, signed up to form that more perfect union, day by day.

As a bundle of reeds rounded by a band, formeth the rod, and who carries this symbol of unity of the plurality? The House of Representatives.

And who bears the shield of this Unity, and claw holding an olive branch to the people, and arrows in its defense? The Senate, though the olive branch forgotten and the arrows taken in arms forceful, the people’s duty is to stand and remind them to be generous with the granaries and stores of olives stacked high.

And who holds the scales of justice blind, oh yes that Court Supreme, in mourning. Defender and upholding the inalienable rights of the plurality, superpositional, and free, so as to abolish the laws unleashing the arrows, and withholding the olives from the people duly suppressed by ill conceived laws benefiting preferentially, and not wholly.

And what branch remains to execute the laws, of which a people suppressed follow, yet a people free, assent to be judged if harming another’s freedom? That executive, who looks after the affairs of state and ensures that the work of the rod, the arrows, the olive branches, and scales are put to good use for the pursuit of happiness of the people and their neighbors across the plurality of free states, of being…

And what of this charter, this constitution, this contract equitable beyond class and state?

All beings born were born with a mouth, and spoke loudly announcing their arrival on day one in assembly with the family defended by arms and legs, and walls of home and ability; the right to speak, all beings have the right to assemble, peacefully, not in speech and activity, yet in the very coming together as an assembly, for some petitions for grievance are in the voice and tone of the oppressors as it is the language of aggressive cultures of business who has little affinity to the land or its peoples, and though the voice is loud and strong, do not harm them aggressively and unpeacefully in their assembly, for this is what ensures that the coming together of oppression is judged by an immune response, in speech, in assembly, in print, in home, and lastly in arms, bared…

So do not let liberty slip, for if it does, the earth will overheat and display illness in response, for the conceits of humankind failed to reign in the markets of its herds and works to hoard the olives and moat the arrows… for a harmful few will moat their castles with the stereotypes of their own image so as to redirect the anger of the many onto the moat of the image of the true oppressors so that the oppressors have time to make a hasty exit with the vast stores olives and arrows and leave the people in famine and sorrow to repeat the same mistakes again…

Such is talk of the affairs of states, so while a solution to governance has been searched for far and wide, from the bowels of phenomena to the heights of its heavens, it is assured, as there is no way to manage states in samsara without spilling blood… yet there is a way to minimize the holes and cuts formed in the pursuance of it.

To that end… there truly is only one way to stop spilling blood… and yet more blood is spilled in managing the states of its mountains.

May this be of benefit for all beings.