Memo Fragments on the Un-Invitation & The True Search

Beware the threat of uninvitation, for it precedes all form of tyrranical attestation and leaves the poor poorer, the hungry hungrier, the sick sicker, the indebted with greater debts for a lack of doing distributed long across time often is more damaging than a want of doing distributed short across it. The sun now blasts through the clouds, the sky opens and rays stream down upon this small place, in the woods, on the side of a mountain. I find home not with humanity, for it is without it that wisdom, love, compassion…

Search is improved when humanity finds true happiness, it has failed when it produces an addiction to temporary happiness and returns again and again, interrupted by advert to channel this addiction into material gains, transactionally dense, and scrape off the crema, the margin of humanity’s addictions moved by the knowledge graphs orientations.

A military’s mission is to put out demand for its activity. Its mission is decreasing war. Military mission is therefore peace.

A business’ mission is to bring in demand for its activity. Its mission is increasing consumption. Business mission is therefore [interchangeable indicator for kamma].