Putting to Rest Talk of Prediction

where “one” is a neuro-topological prime;
where prime is a least common denominator
of a proportional n-dimensional valenced
<network|neural> hole-geometry

In one adopting the tranquility’s renunciation,
as a cloak of peace in an isolated forest
avoids of distractions of the marketplaces of conceit
of one’s <birth realm|<culture|species>>,

so too does adopting the insight’s activity,
as a lamp of illumination in a non-isolated forest
voids distractions of the marketplaces of conceit
of the inversion of one’s <birth realm|<culture|species>>.

In such a one, even renunciation of the talk of predictions,
peaceful, and illuminated — sees directly beyond predictability,
sees directly beyond historability, the truth of the matters of all beings.

In such a one devoid of conceit,
liberation is found.