Process Fruits

process fruits of liberation into a salve, an ointment,
direct application to… the glue trap;
a little bit of oil
to free mice
from glue.
sometimes nose
in glue trap; cannot rescue, have died.

eyes closed gently acknowledging; neural tree to
neural tree; like fungus that helps trees communicate;
this is samsara fungus, eating samsara.

atta is [a] glue trap,
“monkey with paw stuck in pitch”,
monkey go this way >,
pitch go this way ^.

atta catches.
suffering solution in process, halts.
there is no concept more [probability filter] of [redacted] suffering.

trying to detect is a halting problem;
trying to decide is a trolly problem; plinko machine tilting process
trying to escape is factor problem.

wisdom sees suffering right where it is,
trying is least common denominator,
taking trying for self,
taking trying for we.

trying is [an] interchangeable indicator for being,
taking being process[es] for self,
helping rescue mice from traps,
bodhicitta spirit,
immediate, beyond talk, straight to olive oil.

finding robe process is inverse of “inverse of” focus for self-searching.