Born on Land Demarcated as Connecticut

I was born in a place I do not remember, New London, Connecticut.
That had been a labor town, yet also surrounded by old wealth.
The shipyards there, my father worked at, General Dynamics.
He had acquired a job there after the navy, working sonar.
And one story I recall is my father, had rushed mother,
carrying a new two liter Coke bottle, he ran up the
stairs, he then burst open the door, shouting,
“look at this,” he then thrust the bottle
to the floor expecting it to resist
just as it had done before
yet this time, it
Soda everywhere!
Sticky sugary soda everywhere!
It’s interesting, because my mother said,
after this, she was interested in going out with him, that
she had been uninterested prior. It’s interesting how the cosmic plinko machine
sorts marbles, and I being yet one of the indistinquishable
marbles, came from these very acts, a coke bottle
smashed upon the floor. My memory is
a bit faded now, and perhaps
also my mother, but
it was a good