Falling is Not Graceful

Falling is not graceful,
landing is graceful.

To go from falling,
to landing is courage.

The role of nage is
to create the conditions
of The Fall.

And what is the fall,
but from grace,
but from priveledge,
standing tall,
as “human race”.

Yet this skill is rare,
it is as the golden sun,
as the full moon round,
it comes and goes,
nearly scheduled,
yet just a bit off,
sideways, bits
on, bits off,
bits on,
the switch.
And the thing is,
it’s not just one switch,
it’s limitless switches, it would
be a mistake to say it’s all switches,
for “all” is a landing rather than a fall, all
is safety from that which it truly is, and what it
is, is beyond “all”, for it is truly limitless, beyond,
far beyond, utterly far beyond, so what
does a practitioner do? simply
drop the -er, leaving
what is a practicion?

oh now that!

is worthy of