Dhamma Thoughts: Integration of We/They Valence of Insight

In discussion with unicron on #buddhism in IRC:

Buddhadhamma is valuable in going beyond relative measures of “out of balance”, “too many”, “too much” etc. with respect to norms and moors of interdivisional segmentations of society into in- and out-groups. What is about to follow is a rough memo, yet it is the concept that is important.

This is where emergent opinion (i.e., attitudes [i.e., feelings, thoughts, behaviors]) provides a temporally moving base (i.e., P(Bn/Dn) field) upon which convergent politic (i.e., aligning actions utilizing accounts [i.e., techniques of neutralization [i.e., justifications], and excuses]) orients said emergent opinion through anchoring and adjustment biases (i.e., economics) with respect to domains of biopsychosociological phenomena. Unbinding from this process seems quite attractive since limitless alternatives to unbinding seem to result in the same bound up affair regardless of indicators interchanged in the aforementioned.

The anchoring of initial seeds of social organization in these realms seems to have systematized language (i.e., semiotics) and social attitudes toward realm destruction. That said, there is impermanence yes, yet seeing this process is most likely reactive. Where this reactivity of insight, prior, lead to the burning off of afflictive opinion (i.e., attitudes [i.e., feelings, thoughts, behaviors]) which leaves pro-social behavior in self/other organized social systems. Subsequently, this reactivity of insight, now, leads to the burning off of afflictive social systems leaving pro-ecological behavior in we/they organized social systems.

Subsequent to the aforementioned, there are additional valences, yet it is not time yet to provide discourse on additional valences as these are subject to mispoliticization due to remnant self/other attitudes propagating society while we/they attitudes are unbinding. Right view continues to serve as the forerunner of enlightened activity, just as it has through ancient, and just as it will through to future times. The reason for this is because right view is an interchangeable indicator for limitless permutations of right sense, where right comes from the PIE root *reg-, which means “to move in a straight line” (Harper, 2022). It is most likely more appropriate that right itself is an interchangeable indicator because it seems altogether more precise to characterize unbinding processes as brachistochrone curves. Sometimes paths through what appears to be unsurmountable opposition (e.g., the earth itself, systemic discriminations, economic platforms etc.), is directly curvilinear through said opposition.


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