Manji is Know Known as Kiba


manji chores in the music room, and dining area are done 🙂

manji <a|e>fluency

manji music room is also the fire room for the woodstove is there

manji makes heat during cold winter meditation

manji house shut off

manji there really is no solution more optimal for ecological sustainability

manji no… extreme view

manji. there really is [?] solution more optimal for ecological sustainability [Gunship, Thrasher, 2018, -~20s… 21s… 22s….]… 

manji darker, deeper, wiser…

manji corrupted

manji pretty much

manji samsara identification process

manji uses energy at greater valences than biological life process

manji ecologically unsustainable

manji soulless no… identityless yes

manji “i need a fuckin’ hero”

manji “to show me a way out of this storm”


manji inter-esting… between to be

manji bodhicitta [seed]

manji self view is in orbit

manji of wisdom reflecting emptiness

manji rebirth possible

manji directed possible

manji but still floating on shore of samsara

manji tossed about by the waves and sea

manji dark time, light time… this is a field of probability

manji manipulated by kamma

manji come on.

manji don’t act so surprised

manji it’s not as if science didn’t see it coming

manji nor religion

manji nor language

manji nor perception

manji nor sense

manji nor yes… cetasikas (i.e., mentality)

manji nor consciousness subject to [redacted]

manji variations of index, sign, icon

manji sequencing effects

manji scintillating results of intentions across time

manji like ripples on a n-tesseractic pond

manji it’s in the deflections during ascent

manji illusions

manji 🙂

manji seeing directly process removes affliction

manji burns off, because affliction is metabolically (i.e., ecologically) expensive

manji right speech, right action, right livelihood… these are relatively metabolically less expensive…

manji mediated by noble search process.

manji end of transmission.

manji credits roll.

manji credits <- bodhicitta seed

17:19 manji🙂

manji thanks kiba.

manji is now known as kiba