A Response to “Your Ideal World”

A response to an invitation to a course on Social Order Theory (SOC-310) at Washington State University, to write about “your ideal world”.

Regarding an ideal world, I want to live in a world that I have been invited to participate in for the benefit of that world. I want to live in a world that understands why I really don’t want to externalize an ideal for that world amidst a world of many ideals already (i.e., anomie), because my ideal could contaminate and bias that world. An ideal of being understood is also an externalization, and in part is unrealistic, because misunderstanding is part of the world. So, this might be odd to write, but I really don’t have an ideal world. Yes, ideals have been projected on me, that I have ideals, but really, it’s quite empty and quiet “up there” (i.e., cognition)—I spent decades meditating in a martial arts dojo, so that might be a big factor.

I know emotionally what aspects of the world are pleasant, painful, or quite neutral, but I do not wish to manipulate these, only to understand them. I know that understanding influences motivation, and that motivation and drive to resolve needs happens nearly automatically. That all said, when pressed further, perhaps it is worth saying that an ideal world for me is a world to move from aiding worlds to move to, and when that aid is rendered through cooperation and coordination with respect to other worldly needs etc., I would come back to the world from which I had left temporarily. I would ideally carry the ideal-less-ness of the world to move from into the ideal-full world to move to and help them realize their own efforts to build their ideals. I know and am certain that increased ideal-less-ness increasingly expedites remaining ideals. This presents a paradox, but it is one that is evidenced in behavioral psychology in tensions of motivations. If the only remaining ideal is to solve hunger, it will get solved.

Regarding an ideal world of humanity? I think the Holocene Extinction Event currently underway, and accelerating is probably commanding/demanding a solution. Therefore, temporarily in this human world, at least, I’d like to live in an ideal world where increasingly tokenized natural selection reclaims selection from human’s increasingly dominant artificial selection. That said, I think nature has an ace—most likely the entire suite of aces—up its proverbial sleeve. This is a subject of great redaction. Therefore, the ideal world proposed may already be underway to its realization. Basically, the ideal world for me is this one, just as it is, because basic understanding is [increasingly] quite motivating to application, when basic understanding is [increasingly] clear.