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23:46 Topic: How to Go to Heaven vs. How the Heavens Go

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23:47 manji: hi

23:47 manji: so basically, beyond “what is most valuable letter”

23:47 manji: every jot and tittle

23:48 manji: but now, it’s down to the re-orientation ax<i|es>(i.e., saccades)

23:48 manji: but now, it’s down to the re-orientation ax<i|es>(i.e., saccad<es|ic eye movement>)

23:48 manji: this is bizarre

23:48 manji: jhana

23:49 manji: bizarre rapture

23:49 manji: <snap/>

23:49 manji: bliss

23:49 manji: <snap/>

23:50 manji: “… . .            .              … love in all its forms… joy… hope… … … thought… fueled…. raging desire… lusted… vengence…”

23:50 manji: holy fuck

23:50 manji: clever clever

23:51 manji: the adorn|ment|ing> is not self.

23:51 manji: not other

23:51 manji: not we

23:51 manji: not they

23:51 manji: these words are not thought…

23:52 manji: this thought-stream is not self

23:52 manji: dominos fall

23:52 manji: go capture

23:52 manji: game of liberties

23:52 gem4: [efn] <d​arwin> ‘The Hindu Monad. “Concealed in the heart of all beings is the Atman, the Spirit, the Self. Smaller than the smallest atom, greater than the vast spaces.”–Hindu saying. This is a perfect description of a monad’–Mike Hockney, The Last Man Who Knew Everythingg (the God Series vol. #3).

23:52 manji: one falls in, the other escape |scintillating yes|stick walkers>

23:53 manji: not one bit

23:53 manji: less

23:53 manji: ness

23:53 manji: less

23:53 manji: ness

23:53 manji: tick tock goes the axial clock

23:53 manji: haha!

23:53 manji: superpositional tesselation

23:55 manji: Gödel<‘s|ian> Sieve Stereotyping (i.e., n-Slit) Threat

23:55 manji: Gödel<‘s|ian> Sieve Stereotyp<e|ing> (i.e., n-Slit) Threat

23:55 manji: Information Fracking Hologram inside, Flat Land outside

23:55 manji: dimensional tilt

23:56 manji: it’s the bee’s knees

23:56 manji: cryptographic genius

23:56 gem4: [efn] <d​arwin> i used to know a Great Supreme Grand Ultimate Master

23:56 manji: mathematicians have a private key

23:56 manji: now.

23:56 gem4: [efn] <d​arwin> or it was Supreme Great Grand Ultimate Master

23:56 manji: fucking brilliant

23:56 manji: so yeah

23:56 manji: there’s that

23:56 manji: sorry no next nuclear bomb… even if the enemy is our own production

23:57 manji: stop threat

23:57 manji: bu

23:57 manji: multicultural bu

23:57 manji: cultures make kata

23:57 manji: multicultural perspective… limitless kata

23:58 manji: but maybe stop kata production

23:58 manji: carbon footprint

23:58 manji: just keiko

23:58 manji: now

23:58 manji: .

23:58 manji: tada

23:58 manji: ima

23:59 manji: math

23:59 manji: last

23:59 manji: 🙂

23:59 manji: punctuation

23:59 manji: tilt

23:59 manji: realtime how one really talks

23:59 manji: interrupt

23:59 manji: driven

23:59 manji: language

00:00 manji: this is original IRC chat

00:00 manji: not newsgroup

00:01 manji: optimal arousal

00:01 manji: hehe

00:03 gem4: [efn] <d​arwin> i will marry a Norwegian blonde babe

00:03 manji: woof

00:04 manji: <chosen-|family life W/WO (clever!). Yeah, it’s like mario.

00:11 manji: sometimes its worth slowing down to control for confounds (i.e., replicative intersectionality)

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05:17 gummie: <manji> fucking brilliant

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05:19 gem4: [lba] <c​heekymonkey> Mr manji ate a manji humped-back manji manji it was very manji manji nice A MANJI MANJI??