plastic diamonds; no more

Plastic Diamonds; No More 1

Beyond grasping, and aversion;
still denying cause and effect.
An ancient barn of forms 2
diamond mind remains.

Chop wood,
carry water. 3

Masagatsu Agatsu,
Katsu Hayabi.

Chao Chou’s
seven pounds,
folded neatly flat. 4

Gate, Gate,
Bodhi Svaha. 5

What remains:


Black, white; 6
One nature,
Five Buddha families; 7
In five, order is no matter. 8
An evaporating cloud. 9
Four, Eight;
In these the property of order,
emerges instantaneously. 10

The spear born, 11
descendant from the heavens,
piercing the sea of probability.
here on this bridge, 12
even between two tigers,
there is tranquility. 13

This vast closet, 14
full of worn out clothes. 15
Warp and weft cast 16
upon the funeral pyre. 17

The great loom, here 18
between two beasts,
spontaneously arisen,
the fruit of past labors,
how sweet is the path
of vajrasattva, bodhi-
sattva, and pratyeka.

For the benefit of all
beings, in one bite. 19

There are secrets,
There is suffering, 20
beyond reliance on these, 21
one dwells in nibbana. 22

denying cause
and effect. 23

No more –
牙王 24


1 homage to the masters
2 interchangeable indicators