on mastery

Mastery is not created; mastery is kaleidoscopic-valenced-iterative-creation; mastery is a stereotype for self-control. Control is a stereotype for measuring. The word “control” comes from contra-wheel, originating with a method which measured against rolling wheels. Control measures. Listen to the measures. A field of patterns to solution.1

You will only be as much of a master as you are able to measure in dimension and resolution: yourself. Measure impacts the outcome; more measure, more impact. Simple. Cause and effect. There is always mastery, to what valence and resolution, depends on practice, inclination, and fit.


Divine self-control is not created, it arises dependently out of a sincere wish to… end suffering, and to the etymology of that word… is… enduring. All of it comes together in a universal mantra, 忍, to endure. Sword over heart/mind/spirit. To cut, to measure.2

A great stream of realization emerges as the non-duplicated differentiated dimensions of measures narrow in resolution; the bridge becomes narrower, pressure increases, integration emerges, flow increases. One wields cognitive load flexibly, the many, seem as one.

Gone beyond measuring, no more enduring, one dwells in nibbana…

Be warned, this is still elementary mastery. Mastery goes way beyond talk of mastery.

Those who know do not speak [ to each other ].3

The creator preserves intellectual autonomy, and as such no contact with the created will remain; within, the formless realms are accessed [1].

The model will serve: emptiness is form, form is emptiness. No man or intelligence will be able to comprehend such matters with negative existing habitual neural-networked structures, because this direct vision’s object is not seen, it is beyond that purifies defilement. The faith is in it, having known cause and effect, to remove addictive behavior. It is beyond the stereotype of comprehension itself.

[1] , and continuing to uproot even the finest hairs of ignorance, between the pores remains.
1 See .
2 Enter through the narrow gate. It’s right there in the radical!
3 It is merely sufficient, no longer necessary or habitual.