this is how we can live


some say “i have students…”; i challenge you,
the etymology of student means one who studies.
“i have people who study.”
“no, you do not… you do not own them, nor they, you.”
knowing this, what is the role of a professor?
citing this case, here’s a poem.


for the benefit of all beings.
homage to the masters,
homage to ancient ways.

a moment —
in sympathetic joy,
the shutter fell.
bliss remained.

without distraction,
mutual devotion.
ichi-go ichi-eh.

sensei professes:
“i only have one student”
“you understanding?”
“just one student”
“can you imagine?”

this is how we can live.
this is what a neighbor.
really means.

and where do we dwell?
but right here.
near – dweller.

be kind to your
right here.
right now.


this is where aiki
is born.

this is how we can

this is how we can

with dignity.
and nobility.
in shugyo.