act conceptually 1
you act conceptually
thought, word, deed 2

think conceptually 8
talk conceptually 8
act conceptually 8


“i invite movie
actor here.” 3

in a secret dojo.
yet no reliance
on secret techniques 4

just now, tadaima. always moving.
yet another song of the way. in divine reverence
stream of consciousness, with grab.

live by maxim. 5
nails and wedges; 6
of a nail-less

the barn burned down 7
the barn unraveled, aikido is divine
removal of nails and wedges.

time to cut!


1 barney glaser’s grounded theory
2 differentiated concepts of mikkyo in shingon esoteric buddhism
3 saotome sensei expresses this
4 o’sensei expresses this
5 contained in a translation by dilgo khyentse rinpoche
6 nails and wedges is a concept from ch’an/zen buddhism
7 in homage to 水田正秀
8 for the the tantra practitioner’s loop.