the pearl of….

yin… is yang.
the pearl of yang,
is yin.
two dragons,
across spacetime.
a sea of probability.
let’s get started.
clap! clap!
amaterasu oho no kami
has come out to train
cut and stick
fold space
fold time


ameterasu oho no kami has come out to train.
takagamahara is tada ima.
only now.
some people question, “what is the value of aikido?”
how do you value the presence?
how do you value the present?
what’s the business value?
come now, do you need
to know the value
of life,
to live?
it just happens.
there is dukkha, there is suffering
there is enduring, to sit upon the lotus
troubles float away like smoke on the breeze
a drop of water rolling gently off, no thing sticks
to emptiness. in great perfection, samsara and emptiness
yes, this keeps going, this IS the story, this IS the reality
we live in.