pruning the echoes of stereotype

.pngthe manifold curvature of the spirit,
allows stereotype replication,
in order to escape the
repeated mani-
only needs
to apply a little
tilt onto the plane of
activity. this means to shake up our

not simply
in the inverse, just
simply let go of the patterns
of thought, word and deed, the pat-
terns reflected and generated within

the energy of the echo, keep this stea
dy, now integrate, in its place, the mo[[1]]
st, valuable pattern in order to influe
nce, from above, the entire worldsea

triangle, circle, square:
this is aiki.
cut and stick.

dignity is best preserved
ichi-go, ichi-eh.

“oh brevity, it follows me, wherever i go…”1


[[1]] see Isomorphic [ redacted ] Functionn
n samsara and nirvana are one [ redacted ]
[1] see Zeno; apply bra-ket a bra-ket the colon with the pivoting operator.
1 Gravity, True Meanings, Paul Weller