do not cram flower beds


some kings manifest the battlefield out of a map, some are boatmen, some are shepherds. citing this case look!


boatmen in training, having ferried themselves to the river to train, having arrived, received instruction from their master, “now step back, now step forward, no not like that, like this.” this1 went on for some time.

a traveler, on his way to the other shore passed through, and too received the instruction, uninvited, “not like that but this. and if you go that way, this is why this is not good.”

the traveler responded directly, “do not cram flowerbeds…”2


1 their feet in two rivers, only patience can span the entirety of the distance.
2 knowing this, can you spare this fellow mt. meru?

why keep treasure words,
the wish fulfilling gem is vast,
the storehouse ridgepole broken,