you decide your life

-n2there are examples of embedded multi-dimensional linguistics in here for the purpose of transmitting pre-tilting

Two [beings]<men|women> walk into a bar. A [being]<man|woman> is serving. There are [quanity]ten at the [lower lead time service area]bar, sixteen at the about twelve tables and about eight booths. There is a wood floor, an ATM machine tucked away by the dingy restrooms, a mop bucket with standing water with a mop sticking out of it leaning against a wall of coats. Some chatter is scattered about, and the smell of well used vinyl and some urine permeates the air, which is mixed with diesel exhaust from the trucks outside leaking inside, on this cold winter day.

Grit from boots walking on sanded snow is spread about the floor – the same grit these people have. It’s a great scene for a joke, a pending breakup, a business transaction, a realization, a pent up frustration breaking out into a fight. An elder shining light on wisdom to a disciple.

This is life, right here, right now. The bar is an interchangeable indicator for a scene, and the story, as before, can be told again and again. The player’s clothes change, just like the fabric of which it is made. We sew together with tears and break apart with sweat, the herd banners we wrap ourselves in.

There is decision1 of role in this life; the raw clay is from the heavens below and the weathering from the heavens above. This is true, momentum comes in many forms, and through nin, we shape the raw form. If you are able and willing to hear the call to arms to resolve toward center, the world opens its arms to you, for the ten-thousand arms radiate outward from this center as it radiates inwards from all things. Field lines.

A life that requires no strength – beyond fighting, beyond not fighting, beyond fighting and not fighting, beyond neither fighting nor not fighting. There is strength, and I do not use it.

If you are fortunate enough to hear this call, recollect the good fortune, and do not squander it. This is the instruction. The pattern is this, and you are it. Love each other, work with each other on your journey through the seconds, minutes, days, and years of the surface of temporality. Tick tock, on all sides. Someone said once that if you understood quantum field fluctuations that you could solve a great [all] problems in physics; a kind of master key.

This IS the fluctuation beyond slits, rays, corners, curves. This is beyond the concrete, beyond the esoteric.

We are beings. Bio-neural-vehicles imbued with an awareness of its inertial frame. A veritable planet, a cosmos which knows its inertial frame, and it can adjust and adapt its frame to create slits and rays to influence relativistic flows of space time within which its frame is distributed super positionioning with others. The universe had a cosmic joke, an ace up the sleeve, a religious judgement, a spiritual awakening all along, and all answers point to you, made in its image.

You are the very thing you all have been searching for your entire life. You warp space time. You travel faster than light. You just have been looking to prove it to yourselves, just as I for thousands, millions, billions of years. Abstract time, the truth reveals itself. “I am” is the shadow of reality, it is the shadow of creation, in the image of what the word for a creator represents.

  • <Be still and know|
  • <Be a lamp unto yourself|
  • <Pray|

The solution is the bra-ket of these, and all things, then realizing that the warp and weft is but a concept, and applied, has a distribution of many many dimensions. From the one came may, and from the many came the ten-thousand things. Be careful to understand the primer of the Tao Teh Ching, for it it is the key to the rest of the text, without it, one will read without the aspatial and atemporal understanding and collapse to the flatlander interpretation of a morality that fights each other to look around corners before others, yet cannot.


1 etymology: from “off”; “cut”. not surprising at “sword over mind/body/spirit” is nin in japanese. how fitting.