on razor’s edge

one time, when arising out of deep absorption, a brilliant light in the form of a blade came rushing forth, in a tight horizontal line. it rooted out much fear, and after the initial rapture, and noting, it passed… the body did tremble a bit, not outwardly, but a shiver, of excitement from the rapture… it passed through like peeking through the doorway of the horizon to the waking sun.

it was a good recollection of what was occurring over many years. and now, the sun greets me, ever so brightly, daily, every day, every moment, darting through the remaining clouds… the rains of wisdom fall… i do not bow down and seek the entertainment of the artists in this world, i do not rely on them, nor the sun, i sit, and having created a celebration of divine spirit, daily, i can unlock that rock door just a bit… and the hands of creation throw it open; the sunlight enters. that sun superpositioned with emptiness beyond within, without, within and without, and neither within nor without.

true happiness will appear as depression to the anxious man; is untrusted by the bored man.

on razor edge, i stand.

that blade was a guillotine of light, though horizontal, rushing forth like a great wave across the universe, spanning the entire distance, with the consequence of having severed the head from this body.1

and thus the crown of 高天原 is joined by 天の浮橋.

1 <<[to]measure[d]||<[to]sever[ed]|>>; where does the bar land? 😉